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Is it better to take american dollars to south america?

touring holiday, peru, argentina, bolivia and brazil, what money shouild i take???

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Yes, I recommend you dollars, 'cause argentina use dollar, and peru, boliia ad brazil have a lot of tourist, which they bring dollars and I won't have any problems using those.

In The Basement
Yep take dollars and a bit of local

â–’â–’ Da Terra â–’â–’
Hi friend, I live here in the Brazil and recommend that you he brings sterling pounds exactly. Dolar is low, devaluated here. You can change its money with easiness in any currency exchange. Its money is very good here in the Brazil, uses to advantage. It comes with its sterling pounds.

Oh yes, don't bother with anything else

Benjamin F
take some travellers cheques too...

and don't put all your money in the same place.

You will love the place... and keep records of the friends that you will make there...

because you will..

come back..

bring a dictionary if your spanish its not that crash hot.

Mat Monkey
I would take US dollars and exchange them while you are down there. The hotel we stay at usually does this for us and that away you have as much or as little as you want to exchange. It's usually a bit pricier exchanging at your hotel but then you can control it and not pay airport prices!

Have a good trip!

Alex A
I think you should take with you either dollares or euros... both you can easy exange for the local money... but the better way to pay is through credit cards... is the best rate and you don't have risk to lose your money.... american express now has a travel cheque card... is very usefull and with good rates... you can olso withdraw money but if you do it don't take small amount each time.. is better take more at once... the banks here charge you for transaction... have fun...

I guess it's safer to take traveller's check.

Will R
i tried exchanging mexican pesos without success anywhere in Salvador, Bahia!

Jean C
you should exchange for the brazilian 'Real' money in Brazil.... most of the places will not accept dollars as payment.....but you can take some dollars....

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