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â??Princess NonOâ??

Any information about the cost for non-canadians to give birth in canada?

If someone is coming from a european country to give birth in canada. Neither of the parents have the candian residency or citizenship. How much would it cost for them to give birth to the child in canada (cost of both hospital and midwives)??

do you know if any insurance policies cover that?
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ok guys, I totally know that, i know it'll cost a fortune and i know i won't get any rights as long as immigration is concerned,, so that doesn't answer my question :S

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Let's say you give birth in a smaller town as apposed to a larger town, it will be cheaper definately. A few months ago I wound up in the hospital for a week,no health card or insurance fighting for my life. At the end of the week I was given a bill for $900 and the doctor wanted to see me for the next few months free of charge. Now maybe I just got lucky but I believe a small town (12,000 or less) is better.

I used to work for Immigrant Services, having your baby born in Canada does not entitle the parents to remain in Canada.

Having a baby who is a Canadian citizen does not give the parents any status and has absolutely no bearing on the parents immigration application.

It might actually have the opposite affect as Immigration officials have dealt with this situation thousands of times.

The proposed changes to the Citizenship Act as reposted by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Mme Robillard, in May 1996 would remove the automatic right of citizenship for babies born in Canada. Citizenship would depend on at least one of the parents having status in Canada.

I fail to see any advantage to wanting to have your baby born in Canada.

You cannot apply for any services in Canada, Canada's medical coverage is available ONLY to people who have status in Canada, you will have to pay all the medical expenses involved in the babies birth and if there are complications it is going to get REAL expensive.

As a visitor to Canada you will receive NO free services from the Canadian Government or hospitals, you will have to pay when you are admitted to the hospital.

cherry a
so you are trying to scam your way into Canada by having a baby.
Did you know they deport you and give you a huge medical bill
I have been reading about it alot lately.
Maybe you should be a little more honest and just apply like normal people do.

jimmy crack corn
why would you want to give birth in canada if it is more expensive then in your european country, and i'm pretty sure it would be more expensive here then there

having a baby in Canada will not allow you to stay,you will be sent back...........after paying the hefty medical bill

Do your own thinking!
A starting point:

"In 2002?2003, average hospital costs ranged from about $2,800 for vaginal deliveries to $4,600 for C-sections and $7,700 for major procedures, such as hysterectomies and surgical repairs following delivery..."

The midwifery bit depends. See for two marginally useful sentences...

I've heard that the usual fee for a midwife in Alberta (where they're not covered) is $3,000. For better or for worse, most Canadian women have doctors rather than midwives attend their birth.

Insurance: if you're just coming over to deliver (why...?), no, I can't imagine that you could get a 'pre-existing condition' like that covered. I recently flew to the States and back at 33wks pregnant, and could not get even the most rudimentary travel health insurance; nobody wanted to risk covering a birth.

The best way to have a baby in Canada with no insurance would be to have a home birth in an area that doesn't have a midwife shortage. One paper on that:

which reminds me that Québec has 'birthing centres' that're worth looking into, too.

Mr. P's Person
No insurance you buy will cover a pregnancy that has started before the policy. It does not even cover major health issues such as diabetes if you have it before you buy the policy.

I would have no idea of the cost. I don;t know anyone who would come here to have a baby if they did not have insurance before the pregnancy as it's going to be several thousand dollars at least and that's if nothing goes wrong.

You would be better off having your baby in your home country. If the idea is coming to have the baby here in hopes you would get residency that does not work. I know someone who did do this (was on work permit and had insurance through work) She still had to leave once her permit ran out even though her child was a Canadian citizen. I don;t mean to offend by saying this as I don;t know the situation, but just telling you in case this maybe the situation it's not worth doing because you will not be allowed to stay more than 6 months.

You may even be refused entry if you are in the latter stages of pregnancy for the very reason it may well be seen as a way to try and get perminent enty to Canada. No way, no how will that happen.

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