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Best province to live and work in canada?

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Micha M
Winnipeg, manitoba has the highest crime rate of all the major cities in Canada right now.

Alberta has no provincial sales tax and has alot of job opportunities. But the housing market is really high right now.

B.C. is so Beautiful but housing is also expensive.

All the provinces are great! BC and Alberta are beautiful but expensive right now. Saskatewan and Manitoba, just like everywhere have their probublems but I'm sure thed b good to live in, they both have affordable realistate. Ontario is nice, th capital of the country, Oattowa is located there and so is Toronto, Canadas biggest city, so if u like big cities thats good for u. Quebec is nice I guess but its all french and u really cant live there if u cant speak french. Newfoundland Labrador is really cold and if u live on the island of Newfoundland you havce to take a boat to get to the rest of the country. Next are the maritime provinces, all small but very beautiful, PEI is an island and there is a bridge that connects it to the rest of the country and NS is a bit nicer than New Bruinswik and it has a bigger city. The weather in Manitoba is really cold and you dont get much snow in BC. All of the Maritime provinces, NS, PEI and New Bruinswick are fairly warm but we still get snow.

Philip S
You'll probably get a lot of biased answers from this question, but here are my thoughts being from Toronto:

In no specific order: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal (if you speak french).

Toronto because there are tons of jobs and it's a major city with lot's to do.

Vancouver because it's also a major city and it's the most beautiful (in my opinion).

Montreal because of the culture. It reminds me of a lot of european cities.

Calgary because it's booming right now, and there are numerous job opportunities.

Allison B
It really depends on what you do for a living (or if you're retired) and how much you expect to pay for cost of living.
Vancouver is the most expensive place in Canada to live, followed by Calgary and Edmonton, then Toronto.
Saskatchewan has fantasic summers and cold windy winters - and the cost of living is lower (same goes for Manitoba).

If you need to work to live, I suggest finding a place you can work and earn a good salary according to the cost of living. Wherever you can live and have disposable cash for leisure activities is where you'll probably be the happiest.

Depends on what you are looking for. Ontario is the economic centre and there is a very large urban area in southern ontario that stretches for hours along the shores of Lake Ontario. Toronto is very expensive though.
Alberta is economically strong, and I think most of this comes from Calgary. There are many jobs available as there is a work shortage, but I hear real estate prices are out of this world. Awesome skiing though.
British Columbia is beautiful and economically sound. Good jobs and one of the best climates in the country.
The Prairies (Saskatchewan and Manitoba) get a bad rap because they are the joke goes, my dog ran away, i watched him for 2 days. People who live in the Prairies really seem to like it, and the pace is probably much more laid back than Ontario or Alberta.
Quebec is beautiful, has some great history. If you speak english you may not like it as it is predominantly french and their are laws to keep it that way. It is a different culture.
The Maritimes are beautiful, but the climate in the winter is quite harsh. The economies are largely based on fisheries which are struggling so the economies aren't the greatest.
Don't know much about the Yukon, Northwest or Nunavut, except they are way up north and cold much of the time. Those are the areas that typify the Great White North.
For the most part, we have a beautiful country any where you go. wherever you find yourself you will find positives and negatives, so it depends on what you like.

Marina K
well there is lots of employment in Alberta but it gets really cold. And its quite expensive to live in the big cities

Dr. Ralph B
Right now probably Alberta.

simone m
It seems Vancouver is Canada's best city to live in overall though Toronto also has a good employment growth too.

Toronto SUCKS big time - go land yourself at Vancouver or Montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

santos s
winnipeg mb. it is very cheep.

Angela O
I live and work in Saskatchewan and I love Saskatchewan.

Jimmy D
Ontario - either Ottawa or Toronto

Ottawa - great for families, slower pace.
Toronto - biggest city in Canada a ton of opportunity here.

Vy Le
I think Vancourver or Toronto.

mexican leona

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