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Can a Birth Certificate be used to get into Canada from US?

Can a person get into Canada with just a Birth Certificate? If they can't get a passport due to time or money, will a birth certificate suffice? Please provide links to your source.

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Jeff H
Effective as of January 31, 2008 the following rules apply to travel to and from the US. The rules themselves were put in place by the US Department of Homeland Security.

Land - A valid Passport OR a Government issued photo ID and and official birth certificate. I believe that if you are 15 or younger a birth certificate will be adequate as long as you are travelling with an adult with the proper ID. The regulations vary depedning on the age of the person travelling. Note that unless it is your parents) a letter or authorization signed by the parents (or parent if travelling with one) will be required.

Sea - The same as land

Air - A valid Passport is required for all air travel into and out of the US.

If you are FLYING to Canada, you must have a passport. If you are travelling by LAND, passports are not yet needed . that requirement has NO set date, but it will probably be implemented in the summer of 2009. Now, you need a photo I.D. and a proof of citizenship...which can be either a psssport OR birth certificate. Those who keep saying you must have a passport for all types of travel to Canada simply have NOT read the site below. Read top half carefully for the current info.

You don't need a passport if you're traveling by car,bus etc. but you still need a government issued photo ID like a driver's license and your birth certificate.However you are required to have a valid passport when flying to Canada.

Ashley L
my friend went there and all they needed were.. the birth cirtificate...
so im pretty sure thats all u need!

i believe you have to have a paasport now, there was a dead line where you could use bc but thats over need passport now

You need a passport . A Canadian can use birth certificate till 2009. It is changing all the time. Home land security.

peace, please ?
i believe that you used to be able to, before Jan. this year.
now you need a passport.
however if you apply for a passport and it hasn't arrived in time for your travel date, you can just show proof that you have purchased it along with your birth certificate.

not anymore. the rules have changed. you need a passport now.

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