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Can a convicted felon travel to Canada?

Want to take a fishing trip to Canada. I have a passport. I'm a felon (flee+elud). I want to know if i can travel to Canada and back with out any problems because i've heard that if your a felon you cant leave the country. Is that true?

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jeffrey m
hopefully they ID you. if they do, you ain't getting in with that on you're record. and rightfully so. if you lack respect in the law to flee+elude your police, we SURE AS HELL don't want YOU here.

your friends are invited, but YOU can't come. stay the **** out of my home!!!

Theoreticallly, it "can" happen that you will make it through. Even with a passport, Canada Border Services WILL usually run a check on your identity in their system. If you have a prior conviction, you can be refused entry.

Best bet...apply for a pardon to enter Canada, if you eligible. There are fees involved. These are a small fee compared to a lost vacation in Canada to get all that way and be turned away though. The links I gave will help you see if you can come here and the processes involved.

Jak K
I've heard of people having trouble flying through Canada. I think one was a DWI or DUI.

yes i believe if u r a felon you cannot leave the country unless specially approved by ur country and the one u r entering

If you have a valid passport ... I would assume you can leave the country ... but I don't know the law on that.

Here is the information in regards to going to Canada:
This should help answer your questions.

best s
no its not true, you can go

Grand pa
no but check with immigration to be sure

a convicted felon would not be allowed into Canada you will be sent back by customs. we don't want foreign felons in Canada any ways bad for our image. ain't they got any fish that are still alive in the USA

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