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Does Niagara Falls ever freeze up and if so, when was the last time?

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Thanks everyone for such interesting information.

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Actually, yes it does, but it is rare. The last time it was significantly frozen was in 1911.

The top of the 'falls' freezes and the water below freezes like any lake. 8 years ago it was so cold here more water frozen on the bottem than ever before and the ice was so thick it buckled up onto land smashing a few of the the Maid of the Mist boats.
Looked awesome and powerful.

The Falls themselves don't freeze, but the mist created can form a shell of ice over the water. This is known as an Ice Bridge, and many years ago people would walk out on it, since it could be many feet thick. Safety concerns have stopped that though, and the bridge has only formed a few times in the last thirty years, but is a spectacular sight. The Ice bridge accident referred to in other post was the actual bridge crossing the gorge that was knocked down by the shifting ice. Only a portion of the original bridge remains on the American side, the Rainbow bridge was built to replace it. Another, lesser known sight is when the ice dam in Fort Erie at the top of the Niagara River is released, and if weather conditions are right, huge iceburgs flow down river and over the Falls. Again, weather has not been cold enough to create this event for many years.

yes,.Weird Fact of the Day: Niagara Falls actually stopped flowing back in 1848 for about 20 hours because there was ice that was blocking the Niagara River.

Visit this link and scroll down about 2/3rds of the way:

The falls did used to freeze and people were allowed to walk on the ice at the bottom. However, one year while people were walking the ice started to break and several people lost their lives. I believe it is known as the ice bridge accident.

minkoala is correct I went there about 10 years ago in the winter and nticed the same as she did

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No dude

The water movement prevents it from freezing

I was there in the winter of 1991 and they were frozen. It was also -20° F, so it was bitterly cold. I've also seen falls along the St Lawrence freeze. There is still movement of water under the ice, but the mist freezes, and from top to bottom there is a huge sheet of ice.

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Yes at one time it got so could that it froze. Funny all the kids and even some couples went skating on the ice! They were lucky! When it froze there was also great problams tho for example this one bully challenged a boy and a girl to a race. They went as fast they could and the bully almost broke his arm from going so fast!

It does freeze up. Especially the American Falls. The Canadian Horseshoe Falls have never frozen completely. Only partially and that was also just once.

But probably none of them will freeze in the future, thanks to Global Warming.

It doesnt freeze up!

It doesn't freeze up because there is always movement in the water. If it was more still and not...well...basically a waterfall, maybeee

I wouldn't think so..

The last time was the Ice Age?

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