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Alicia B

Does it snow everywhere in canada ?

if there is a part where it doesnt snow please tell me
i'm moving to canada soon and i want to know if it snows everywhere in canada
because i really want to live in a place where it snows
and no i don't know what part of canada i'm going to yet

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For the most part, in winter of course, there is snow. There are a lot of places, like in British Columbia, where they grow fruit trees and they do not have snow. Where I live (not in BC) they have snow from about November until mid April. After that it is really very nice. Even the first couple of months the snow really is not that bad. It is in January and February (about middle to middle) when we have our worst weather. Other than that Canada (except for the Northern reaches) experiences a lot of the same weather that the Northern US (Like North Dakota, Montana, etc.) does.

It does snow everywhere in Canada but B.C. doesn't get as much as a lot of places. However, B.C. can have a lot more rain than some places (year round). Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba tend to be a lot colder in the winter than other places(this winter, they had weeks of -25 to -40, whereas Toronto only had a few days with those temps.).

Good luck with your move and I hope you enjoy Canada as much as we do!

There is not a single place in Canada that does not get snow. There are places that get less than others but snow is inevitable if you live in our beautiful country!

If you want to not have snow where you live, then British Columbia is the place for you. Cities like Vancouver & Victoria get less snow than other areas, it doesn't get too hot in the summer and while it does rain it isn't that bad. The only time it will snow if it does is between October & March, the rest of the year it is nice.

no it doesnt, maybe in the winter, but not all year lol

Canada is the U.S. state that sees the heaviest snowfall.

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