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Is the tap water in Vancouver safe to drink?

Is it better to boil the water first or is it safe to drink the water straight from the tap? Are there health implications drinking the tap water straight away? Thank you.

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John W
The tap water available to Vancouver is rated as some of the best drinking water in the world. It's source is mostly snow melt and rain and is stored in natural reservoirs located in the mountains on the north shore across the harbour from the city. The water goes through extensive filtration and chemicals are added for bacterial purposes but there is no detectable taste. So drink it right from the tap. That's where most bottled water comes from as well.

Tap water in Vancouver is both safe and tasty (compared to well-water in Alberta). You may stick your face right under the tap and suck it up freely. If you are really suspicous you can get one of those filter-jugs for the refrigerator, or a built in for under the sink, but it's not necessary. All those people you see on the streets with their little plastic bottles are just on their way to the gym or a run.
A couple of years ago there was an emergency at the filtration plant and there was a 'Boil-Water Advisory' for a while, but if it happens, the public health people are quick with the warnings. It was the first and last in years.

It's safe. I've never gotten sick from drinking it.

are you seroius. Vancouver has the best water in canada by a mile.

You don't have to boil it. Very safe right from the tap. No health implications from the tap. I have noticed a few times that the water was murky looking, but I think that had more to do with the lines in the building I was in, or the city working on the water lines outside in the area. Also in one area I lived in downtown, the water had a real chemical/chlorine kind of smell sometimes. Then, I used the jug filtration system. Vancouver uses chlorine in the water, but it goes away quickly if you put it in one of the jugs. There is no fluoride in Vancouver water. Very informative link below.

of course, it is one of the best cities in the world for tap water.

Vancouver has the best quality drinking water in Canada. The amount of chlorine is minimal because of the other actions taken to eliminate bacteria. Every bottled water company in the lower mainland uses tap water and just runs it through a filter.

old lady
It is absolutely safe to drink - Vancouver has one of the purest water supplies of any major city and it is monitored regularly. Not only is it safe, but it tastes good.

Ed P
It is but we like the taste of spring water

Nancy J
Of course, it is. why would you think that it's not?

youre kidding right?
yes of course its safe that what we're known for
ahahahaa lmao

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