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Since when did Quebec become its own country?

Isn't it part of Canada still?

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Quebec is still part of Canada.

Separatist parties (the Parti Quebecois provincially, and the Bloc Quebecois federally) typically get about 40% of the vote. The PQ has been in power, so it has done better in the past. However, true separatist sentiment is running at about 25% right now, and seems to be declining somewhat.

Most separatist support comes from what they call the "pure laine," people who are descendants of the original French (the "pure Quebecers"). They are declining as a percentage of the population there, as more and more immigrants are coming in, who wish to keep their French language, but become fully Canadian.

Quebec is a province of Canada. All the provinces are self governing on local issues and cooperate on a Federal level.

Quebec is still part of Canada. They have French there, but they are part of Canada.

Quebec is still part of Canada, at least it was when I woke up this morning. Tell me otherwise before I send in my federal income tax forms! lol

Quebec political parties exist at both the provincial and federal level, whose purpose is to push either the Quebec separation agenda, or try to win concessions for the province. But every time they make a vote for separation so far, they have come up short of a majority required. In fact, the last referendum came closest (49.1% for), but a couple of factors may have contributed to that...namely anger at the Liberal party that was in power, and a deliberately ambiguous separation question that caused people not to be sure whether they should vote with a Yes or a No.

What Prime Minister Harper did do recently was to publicly "recognize" Quebec as a distinct society within Canada, which basically means that he understands that they have different requirements than other parts of the country.

It's funny because this "distinct society" thing always seemed to remind me of a Monty Python the guy who wants to be a woman so he has the "right" to have babies, even if he doesnt actually have the capability of giving birth.

And Not the Fallen, I'm sorry to hear that you had such bad experiences in Quebec. It seemed strange coming from someone who is top contributor in the "Etiquette" section to see the open bitterness and insults at a general population, when it is the actions of a few bad apples that may have spoiled your trips.

I know that drivers in Quebec are probably the worst and most obnoxious I've seen in the world. No one cedes the passing lane, no one signals, and every day I drive to or from work, something always happens that makes me wish I lived elsewhere.

But the people in Montreal are generally nice, Quebec City was great when I went there, and the friendliness in the Eastern Townships is like going to a small town in New England.

Linda W
Quebec is NOT its own country. It is definitely still part of Canada.

They have a party called the Quebecois whose sole purpose is to separate from Canada..... BUT they have failed to gain a majority vote so far. However, more and more Quebecois people are voting in favor of this idea.

I think it's stupid.

Jeff H
In spite of "Machine Messiah's" comments, Quebec is still a part of Canada and will probably stay that way for at least the foreseeable future. They have had several votes on separation over the years but have defeated the motion each time. Historically the complaints stated by separatists today are the same as those that were made shortly after Quebec joined Confederation and they will also probably continue for the foreseeable future.

Quebec is its own country? WoW! When did that happen? Last time I checked, this morning, it was still a province of Canada.

Who told you Quebec became its own country anyway? The process would be a long and drawn out one so all of us would surely have had SOME notice that this was happening.

Quebec is a nation but not a country. Like Scotland.

It hasn't yet, as far as I know. I have heard that they would like to.

It's been a while, lol. Republic of New France is what they are aiming for.
Yes, it's a part of Canada. They'd be lost without the rest of the country paying for them.

Not the Fallen
News to me. Honestly if Quebec wants to become it's own country - let them. That ought to put an end to their whining. I look at Quebec as the snivelling teenager that wants to move out on their own because they don't like the rules the parents have in their house. Yet, when they move out they still want the parents to pay for everything. Who is going to provide their military? Would they provide their own currency? What resourcs do they have to trade? What commodities would they have to offer the international market? I say go for it so we can watch this "country" fall flat on it's face and come begging back to Canada to help it out. Then we can just turn our back like they have to us.

Quebec is part of Canada at the moment.

I can just see PQ quebec politicians, having "won" seperation sitting down at the NAFTA table and demanding from now one all cereal boxes must be printed english/french, that they get to be served in any court or post office in north america in their native language and have their own language law!!

The Americans would probably have to retire quickly to keep from laughiung in their face..

The best protection for the quebecoise nation cultural survival has always been and will always be within Canada.
ITS THE REASON THEY JOINED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE... to avoid being steam rolled into the american expansionism.

Baby A K
Well if its own country they should stay the hell out of Ontario and work in the own "country" and leave the jobs in Ottawa to us citizens.

Its not. Its still a part of Canada

Rane Cullen
did you know that in Quebec schools they don't stand for 'oh canada' they don't even listen to it! And no, they haven't seperated from canada.

Lieu. Provo Parry Wallis
The Conservative government declared that Quebec is a "nation" within Canada, so that sorta kida makes it its own country.

Quebec separated the day Sam the Record Man on Yonge St. in Toronto decided its movies would go into the "International" section, and HMV placed records of its artist in the World Music section.

Quebec separated the day Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore went onto a French CBC show and could not name a single stalwart of Quebec culture.

Quebec separated the day Canada decided it would be the stallion against which representation of all other provinces in the Commons would be assessed.

Quebec separated the day Ontario held its referendum on separation from United Canada in 1858.

Quebec separated the day English politicians held their own Montreal Screwjob.

Any more questions?

Since Anglo-Canadian whiners cannot handle the truth, they can now hit me with their best thumbs down.

NOTE TO JEFF H. : Of course, Quebec's claims have been around since Confederation. It would have had to be an English-speaking province for its issues to be settled. To wit, Ontario in 1858 and Nova Scotia in 1867 and 1884. The one time Quebec is finally "down" with a constitutional change, some smartasses in Manitoba and Newfoundland shoot it down. Do the words "Meech Lake Accord" ring a bell in your mind?

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