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Toronto or Montreal? Which one to visit?

I am from Philadelphia and want to fly up for a weekend and just check it out. It's cheap to fly there from philly and have never been to Canada. Where would you go? (25 male and single, going solo) Toronto or Montreal? And what districts/hotels are best?

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I'd definitely do Toronto. I'm from New York, and went to "T.O." back in June, and loved it much more than my own Big Apple. I used this great travel website to check it out. Hope you'll find something useful too.



There's a lot to do in Montreal if you like going out, museums, music, art galleries, football, soccer, hockey (Montreal Canadiens are a pretty much better team than Toronto !), outdoors (don't miss the Mont-Royal, wich was designed by sir Olmstead, the same who designed Central Park).

Main streets where you'll find boutiques, restaurants and services :
Saint-Denis (young, french), Saint-Laurent "The Main" (coke heads, stars, tourists), Greene (rich anglo), Crescent (tourists,stars,students,best cruising and party bars), Laurier (French chic), Bernard (french chic).

Public transportations are cheap and quick to move downtown. Cabs are great and cheap too.

You'll find a clean & safe hotel room for 80-90 CAN$ a night (+/- 70 US$).

4 things to see :

- Old-Montreal. At least, take a few minutes walk, it's 10 minutes from downtown. 1/2 day min.

- Mount-Royal (Mont-Royal) Go take a walk. (Start from McGill campus on Park Avenue, take the left of the mount and walk up to the Chalet du Mont-Royal. It's a nice walk, and you'll see Montreal from the top of the mount. 1/2 day min.

- A walk on Sainte-Catherine street, from Saint-Denis to Crescent. Week or weekend, it's going to take 30-45 minutes if you don't stop in any store. This is a walk through the heart of Montreal. 1/2 day min.

- Olympic stadium (Big O) : If you like big structures. Nice, huge and interesting. Try to get inside from Maisonneuve Park. 10 minutes from downtown in Metro. 1/2 day min.

- The city under the city : funny. A few minutes min.

Have a good trip !

PS Soon will be the Montreal Champ car race (end of august).

Montreal is the best city in the world during summer! Come take a beer (or two) with us, you won't regret.

ear help!
DEFINITELY go to Montreal! It's the best city in Canada if you ask me. Every street has its own character. It's such a mix of old and new. Interesting people everywhere you go, people you'd love to meet and have in your life forever. It's colourful, has something for every taste, and transportation is easy with the Metro system. Nightlife is great, you are walking down a street and you'll find twenty different things that you'd like to do or places you'd like to go. So many restaurants too. There are amazing fireworks each Saturday night near the water, they are better than anytthing I've seen for Canada Day here in Edmonton.

Lived there for a few years and never ran out of things to do.

I've visited Toronto and it has its up sides, but it's a much less cultural city. People there are more serious and business oriented, plus, they seem a bit snobby and less down to earth.

Bob D
Montreal without question. The women are beautiful, the nightlife is diverse. Toronto only thinks it's a nice city, Montreal knows it. As far as where to stay, anywhere in the downtown works.

Delphine F
I love Montreal. I heard it's much more fun than Toronto. My favorite neighboorhood is the Plateau Mont-Royal.

Toronto, friendly, safe, all english-speaking. Course if you want an adventure come to Bobcaygeon 1.5 hr. drive north of Toronto.

In my opinion, you should head a little further West to Vancouver. It's Definitely worth the slightly higher air-fare! =PandaPaw=

I live in Toronto , but I totally suggest montreal.
Toronto is fun, but if you havent been to either place I tottally recoment montreal. The nightlife is so much better, and the girls are too.

Districts in montreal .... Stay on Rue St. Catherines for a good time .. its like the biggest partying part of the city and great shopping too.

If you do decide to stay in Toronto, stay downtown near the club district .. there are plenty of hotels ( that are cheap and still pretty nice.

I would rather go to Toronto. You can view there the Ontario lake and the CN tower etc.
Although Montreal can be nice as well... it is up to you, you will make your final decision.
have a nice journey

I'd go to Toronto if you want attractions and Montreal if you want history. The best place to get a hotel in Toronto is downtown near the CN tower - not the cheapest place. The Days Inn Hotel and Conferance Center on Wilson is also very nice and near to the hotel and public transportation.

Do you like hockey? The Hockey Hall of Fame is down across from the CN Tower in Toronto. The Royal Ontario Museum is worth and visit and Toronto's night life is great.

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