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Walgreens in Canada? Help!?

My husband and I will be visiting his family in Alberta for the entire month of July; I will need one of my prescriptions refilled while we are there. My prescriptions are listed with Walgreens, meaning I can get them refilled at any Walgreens location. Problem is, I have no idea if there are any Walgreens Pharmacies anywhere near where I will be. I've gone to the locator on the Walgreens website, but it appears to only allow searches in the United States.

My question is, does anyone know how to search for Walgreens Pharmacies in Canada, or failing that, does anyone know if there are any Walgreens located in Calgary or Lethbridge, Alberta (both are about an hour from where I will be)? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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What you probably need to do is have your Dr. contact a physician located in Alberta where you'll be visiting asking that he write a prescription for whateve it is you need. A prescription written by an MD in the States likely wouldn't be honoured at a Canadian pharmacy since your MD isn't licensed to practice medicine in Canada.

There are no Walgreens in Canada. In Canada, Shopper's Drug Mart would essentially be comparable to Walgreen's.

Nope, Walgreens is a American store, and I searched for one in Canada, and there are none.

There are no Walgreens in Canada. However I have a solution for your problem. Since you will be in Lethbridge Alberta, you could take a day and cross the border into Montana and get a prescription filled in the closest town in Mt. It is not all that far to travel.. Look at it as a mini vacation inside of a vacation.

Walgreen's is American you will not find one in Canada
get it filled before you come

roger S
Walgreens is an american outlet. We have several chains here which are essentially the same as walgreens. You can check out London Drugs or Shoppers Drug Mart. Both have essentially the same, however London Drugs is the most comparable which has everything like walgreens.

Even if there were Walgreen's in Canada, your prescriptions would still be invalid there. Your prescriptions are only valid in the U.S. You'll have to get an early refill, and you can get that approved by your insurance company.

Call your doctor and tell him that you will be away for the month of July. He/she can authorize your Walgreen pharmacy to give you the extra medication you will need.

There are no Walgreens in Canada. Before you leave on vacation, have your pharmacy call your insurance company and request a "vacation refill" of your medication. Most insurance plans allow this. You will need to give them the dates you are leaving and coming home and tell them that you will be out of the country.

As long as it's not for a controlled substance there should be no problem getting an extra month's worth of medication to take with you on your trip. If it is a controlled substance you will have to have your doctor contact your local Walgreens to give authorization to fill the prescription early so you can take the extra supply with you.

Ed P
stock up before you leave or take your precription to a Canadian doctor

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