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Walking into Canada...Just WALKING...Passport or Not?

I do not care about flying, driving or returning to the US. Just WALKING across from US to CANADA. Very Simple. What is NEEDED, not what's recommended, just what's NEEDED. None of the other answers to similar questions are clear.

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If arriving into Canada by LAND...just WALKING or DRIVING or RIDING A BUS across...very simple...You will need some form of ID that shows your nationality, home address, and a picture of yourself.

This usually requires a birth certificate and a driver's license or other government card.

To get BACK in the USA by LAND, you can use the same ID (that shows nationality, address, picture) until SUMMER 2008. After that point, the Department of Homeland Security are supposed to have fully implemented the WHTI policies and will require you to have a passport, and Canada will likely follow suit.

There are a number of people who have posted links to the US Border Agency, Homeland Security, and Canada Immigration in the past Yahoo! Answers on this same question. Just do a search and you will find these to confirm what I am telling you.

Nope, you dont need it yet. I have walked across the border a few times, its the same as if you were driving. Bring other ID but you will not need your passport.

you dont say what nationality you are
as this is a GLOBAL site you could be from back of burke and would NEED passport

Assuming that you are going to cross at a border point then you most likely will want to have a passport to identify yourself to Canada Customs. If you are planning on crossing the border else where then a map of the area on both sides of the border would be helpful stay away from any sized towns and cross out in the parries but do it in the summer winter out west is bad news.

On Jan. 31, 2008, U.S. and Canadian citizens will need to present either a WHTI-compliant document or a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, plus proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate. DHS also proposes to begin alternative procedures for U.S. and Canadian children at that time.

So, no a passport is not required at this time.

Wounded Duck

a passport

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