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jack malone

What's the bible belt in Canada?

Which provinces frm the bible belt in Canada?

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We don't really have a Bible Belt, although Alberta has the reputation of a more religiously extremist, right-wing province.

I'd say that Alberta is the most conservative province, but then again enough Canadians voted in the horrifying Federal Conservative Party, so there are obviously conservative/religious people all across the country.

The Muse
Well down this site there's reference to Bible Belts outside the U.S. Canada is included.

I'd venture a guess and say Alberta or Saskatchewan. I live close to the border of these 2 provinces and there are an awful lot of churches. In my area we have the highest number of churches per capita in Alberta. I read that somewhere and they even have tours of the churches.

In Canada, the term is sometimes used to describe several disparate regions which have a higher than average level of church attendance. These include the majority of rural southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, parts of southern Manitoba, the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and the Saint John River Valley of New Brunswick

Louie J
British Columbia - Outside Metro Vancouver and into the interior of the province
Alberta - Everywhere except downtown Edmonton
SK/MB - Everywhere outside the cities
Ontario - Especially southern Ontario (surrounding Toronto from Windsor up to Ottawa)
Quebec - Outside Montreal and even that is not THAT religious
Atlantic provinces - Not sure
NL - Not sure

As you can see, there is no one "belt"

we dont have a bible belt per say. Each province has its own bible belt, depending on the area.

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