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What is the best province in canada to live in?

on work, weather, family, shopping..

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The work is actually pretty good, mostly because all of our people move to Alberta! But really, I've never had a hard time finding a job, and I've never heard of any of my friend or family having a hard time, either.

The weather is awesome because you get a little bit of everything. Beaches and camping in the summer, snowboarding and skiing in the winter.

Since Saskatchewan is made up of small towns, and small cities, it's really community orientated. I think it's a super place to raise a family.

Although, I can't say the shopping's very good. We have any store that any province has, but we're also missing quite a few key places. Just give it a couple years, they'll come to us eventually.

And we're at least as friendly as the Manitobans or the people over in the Maritimes.

lots of lakes and forests up north
gets pretty hot in the summer too
nice and quiet
no traffic jams

Saskatchewan...cause it is friendly, beautiful scenery - its not all flat and prairie (there are a lot of lakes and forest), a lot of jobs that pay descent wage, low housing costs, and when the Albertas oil fields dry up all the oil companies will start drilling in SK which means more jobs/opportunities.

As the largest free country on the planet Canada's provinces span a distance of over 4000 miles..From coast to coast there are so many regional differences that we could be a dozen countries. The coastal areas have temperate climates, the north the Arctic climate, the praries the lowlands, the great lakes, the canadian shield,the St.Lawerence all have pros and cons..Whatever you seek, you can find...I live in Bobcaygeon Ontario, I like this the best.

Job wise right now, Calgary Alberta would be the best city to live in right now...

Although I live in Ontario, and have all of my life, and love it...

Beautiful British Columbia, there are so many things to do there! After that I would choose Alberta and then Ontario.

the Alberta advantage makes Alberta the best provence to live in! There is work for everyone for good pay, the weather is good, the people are great, good schools, low crime rate, excellent shopping with lots of choices, good public transportation. The list goes on and on!


My friend's left California to move to British Columbia, and they love it. It is very family oriented, people friendly, surrounded by beautiful oceans, and wildlife, they said Canada is beautiful all over...they sent us photos of B.C. and I would take his word for problem with employment, lots of shopping, but the winters can be brutal, not unless you are used to ice and snow..other than that you should be find.

check out Canada's official website and click on to the sites that may interest you.

The people in BC will tell you British Columbia, mountains , beaches , nice weather , althoug it rains alot from nov to april. However housing prices are sky high.

The people in the Maritines will tell you it's , the lifestyle but often there's not alot of work.

That's like asking a parent to name his/her favourite child.

Each province has its advantages and disadvantages. Alberta has lots of oil patch jobs, but housing is at a premium. Saskatchewan andManitboa say they have good jobs , but the weather can get quite frigid in Manitoba, especially in Winnipeg in January.

Personally I like my home region of Niagara, but the Golden Horsehoe around Niagara to Oshaway is seing alot of industrial jobs that are affilated with the autocompanies disappear.

I guess it just depends what you want to do with your life, what skills you have .

Canada's a beautiful place and it's relatively safe so far anyway.

I would have to say Alberta. It's the only province in Canada that doesn't owe money. In fact we received a rebate of $400.00 last year because we had more money than the government needed. Anyone who filed taxes received this rebate. Most other provinces have two taxes. GST and PST. Alberta only has GST. There is more work here, I believe, than any other province. There is shopping everywhere in Canada, although Edmonton does have the largest mall in the world.

MANITOBA BABY!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in Winnpeg- best tourism

I'm a little bit biased...but Manitoba! I've lived here most of my life, and the people really are Friendly...just like our motto says. It's a great place to live if you like outside activities, and we have a thriving artistic community in Winnipeg....plays, concerts, movies, art gallery, etc. etc. There are lots of job and education opportunities here, and lots of places to shop with a great variety of items available!

tania c
in my opinon i think Ontario and british columbia are the top choices although all of canada is beautiful. Ontario is great home to Toronto,Ottawa, Niagra falls, and alot of other great cities and towns and home to mike myers avril lavigne shania twain woo hooo. B.C is also great vancouver,Victoria and alot more I guess it depends what you are looking for. Quebec is nice too but its easier to get by there if you speak French PEI is also very beautiful little small, and close knit, nice beaches and good golfing.

Alberta. I have lived here most of my life and have raised and still raising 5 daughter's here. We have mountains, lakes, many activity's, walking trails, lots of wildlife , many things to do here.Alberta all the way.

it really depends what kinda of job you want and what weather you like....but Ontario is a good place for raising a family and has plenty of good places to shop. with work you would have lots of opportunities as ontario is basically the "financial capitol" of canada. Hope that helps.

go to whistler

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