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What is the closest US city to MONTREAL, QC Canada?

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I do not know, I need to know coz I wana drive up to that city and then fly to canada!

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Where are you from?
Because if you drive up to Vermont or New to Plattsburgh or know that Montreal is about 1-2 hours drive form those places? if you go there by should just continue to drive...We sometimes go shopping for the afternoon in those places...because it's so close...
I say that if you can get to New York City or Boston then take a plane to Montreal...closer than that, you should just continue to drive!
Good Luck!

If you're talking major Urban city with an international airport than Boston would most likley be the closest city to Montréal....after that probably New York City.

If you're talking about any old hicktown...there are a bunch of them right along the border to Canada...which would make it kinda pointless to fly into Montréal if you're driving up to the hicktown...when it's less than an hour away from Montréal.

you should really find the closest U.S. Airport to Montreal Canada so that you can go there to fly out....
and that would be Burlington International Airport in Burlington Vermont

Watertown Airport in Watertown New York

Laughing Libra
Probably Lake Placid.

Burlington, VT and Plattsburgh, NY are right across the border and about 90 minute drive from downtown Montreal. The closest big american city is NYC but a 6 hour drive away.

Goddess of Grammar
It won't be cheaper to drive to that city and fly to Montreal, but Plattsburg NY is considered by Montrealers to be the closest actual city.

My sister is driving from Montreal to Burlington VT and flying from there to Costa Rica (I think, somewhere hot) which is apparently a much better deal than flying from Montreal. If THAT's what you're thinking of, Burlington.

Bill P
Champlain, New York.

Andry M
The closest US city would be Champlain, New York.

The closest US minor city would be Montpelier, Vermont.

The closest US major city would be New York City, New York, or Boston, Mass.

Your Question seems to have confused some Answerers (me too!) as to WHY you want to go to the closest American city to fly to Montréal.

Anyway, Champlain is a town, not a city. Scheduled plane service between Montreal and Burlington but as AllpineAll suggests a lot of Montrealers will fly from Burlington because it is cheaper (as Plattsburgh International Airport will also be when it opens in a few months). Plattsburgh is indeed the closest - but very small - city but other than some malls there is no there there. St Albans, VT, also a very small city, is the closest nice American city, just a couple of miles longer from Montreal. Burlington is still small but larger and worth a visit in its own right
(very sophisticated and much preserved, with 4 universities). The nearest American city with air service to Montreal is currently Manchester, NH, followed by Boston and New York.

Buffalo ?

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