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What is the easiest way to get from Toronto Airport to Scarborough?

I have a group of five people travelling from Toronto Aiport to a hotel in Scarborough and they need ground transportation. Is there a company that runs a shuttle bus? Or should they just take a taxi/limo?

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Che jrw
There are shuttles that will get you there - there are several different companies. Your hotel might provide a shuttle, you should check it out. If not, it might be cheaper to get a limo. With 5 people, the shuttle might cost more since they charge per person.

You can also catch the express bus to kipling station and then take the subway out to Scarborough. Kind of inconvenient if you have a lot of luggage, but it might be faster, depending on the time of day.

Molecular transporter.

A cab would definately be the easiest way. Splitting the cost between five people will be cheap too.....Total for the ride should cost no more than $35.

The easiest way to get from Toronto Airport to Scarborough is by airport taxi / limo.

There is an "Airport Express" bus, but it goes to downtown Toronto, and it costs close $15 per person. Then they would need to pay for other transportation from there to the hotel.

If you take TTC local transit bus/subway, it will be a long long ride with many many many stop and go routines, because of so many stations, and its not comfortable after a flight and dealing with airport lineups and delay and stress getting out of the plane and looking for their luggage. The little money they would save is not worth it, plus they would need to know where to go and not make mistakes going on a wrong bus, and try to keep together in the crowds that are on the bus and subway. Its not a good idea.

Its best to just take an airport taxi / limo and split the cost.
The total would be between $40 to $50 max, depending on how far the destination is from the main highway 401. You don't have to wait for a taxi/limo, and they'll get fast transport from airport arrivals door to the front door of the hotel, about 1/2 hour. The airport taxi/limo provides a lot more comfort, convenience, and confidence, and a lot less stress and worry after an already stressful day. Its worth the $10 each (Canadian $).

PS-If its the Best Western in Scarborough, or the Delta hotel, they are lucky. Those are really nice hotels inside.

I would go to the taxi/limo stand on the arrivals level and have the attendant there request a van for you from the taxi/limo company.

I was with a party of 4 (and all our luggage) and that's what we did. There will be a flat rate to your hotel with additional charges for luggage, etc... Here's a link to the tarrif map if that's any help.

This link to Ground Transportation at the Toronto (Pearson) Airport (GTAA) may also help you.

Air port shuttle bus Moves from Down town to airport and back if u want a public tranpsort use TTC bus upto Kipling Subway take East bound subway upto Warden,/ Kennedy(they both r in scarborugh)and from these subway stations take the bus upto ur destination.u will be needing two tkts per person 1 for airport to kipling subway and other for subway and onward bus.if u purcahse tkts 10 r more slight discount applies.
other way is to use airport cab r Limo around 55-60 can $ they have Van as well who charge 10$ plus on meter

Dave Star
There is a public transport from YYZ to Scarborough, but travel time is like 2 hrs. Limo should be the same especially if the passenger arrives in rush hour. Our highway is quite congested.


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