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What type of clothing should I wear in Toronto, Canada?

I am going from June 16th until June 26th and the forecast says that it will be about 77 degrees farenheit for that week. I live in Arizona, so I am used to hot climates, wearing shorts and tanktops 24/7, but I am just wondering what I should start packing for my trip. Jeans to Shorts ratio, long sleeves vs. short. Sweatshirts. Anything would help. Thanks!
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I also snowboard every weekend (well not now, its summer) but I go up to colorado so I am used to cold weather as well. So will it be more like Arizona in the Winter or Colorado in the Spring?

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In Canada, you are best suited to pack for all weather. It can be windy and cold and hot and rainy in the same day. Some days are just hot. Some are just rainy. But lots of days are mixed. I was in Alberta one time and in one day it snowed, rained, was sunny, windy, and hailed. All in one day!

I am from the coast in Canada and so what I wear is pants that can roll up and a sleeveless shirt with at sweater that I can take on and off. But Toronto is not on the coast, so you should be fine with shorts and a sleeveless shirt on a hot day. But definelty pack for all weather for your trip:)

This week, we've had temperatures in the high 80's to low 90's and very humid. With the high humidity, we've also had a number of thunderstorms. There's a slight chance you will need a light jacket or sweater in the evening but I doubt it. Dress lightly or the humidity will kill you.

Have a great trip!!!

I live there!!!!! it is a nice warm temp but if you are from a warm area bring a light jacket

Sim B
bring a light jacket

you should wear shorts and tanktops but in June it tends to get very hot and humid along with some showers. I suggest that you bring a light jacket and some nice cool clothes for later at night because there is no sun and it is very warm. In the summer, it is kind of like Miami and since your used to the hot temp, you'll bring the right clothes. By the way, I live in Toronto. So what do you think about your suns team??

Okay, I live in Toronto. I advise you to bring 2 paris of jeans, and 2 sweaters (NOT TOO HEAVEY) Then, Pack your regular summer clothes because we are having a REALLY hot summer here. Like 30* celcius. Which is like 86*. So It is probably colder than your used to, but it is NOT COLD! AND WE ARE NO0T ESKIMOES! LOL! :)

Dob B
Bring a sweater and a rain jacket, as well as long pants because Toronto is likely to be cooler than what you're used to. However, it's pretty mild this time of year.

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