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Where can I go cross-border shopping near Ottawa, Ontario?

Looking for somewhere with a decent mall or outlet stores, closer than Syracuse!

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Waterdown is the only somewhat major city closer than Syracuse. Its largest mall is Salmon Run Mall, located just off Exit 45 (Hwy. 3) on I-81. It's not big by Ottawa standards but has about 50 stores including a JC Penney.

I think Plattsburgh is about as far from Ottawa as Syracuse.

Watertown is a great place to shop. They have a gorgeous new Target (that never seems to be busy), a new Kohl's, Old Navy, Walmart, Kmart... Only 2 hours from Ottawa if you take the Hill Island Bridge.

Massena, Malone, may be reached through Cornwall down 138 and over the bridges also Ogdensburg through Johnstown near Prescott down the 416. If you are wanting to go a little farther afield Plattsburg NY, Burlington VT and Lake George NY are all about 3 - 4 hours from Ottawa. I think the last three are best traveled to if you go through Montreal that way you will be on the super highways.

Bring your passport and expect to wait if you go to Massena you can gamble at the Native Casino

Watertown or Rochester or Plattsburgh. Plan to stay overnight to have suitable customs 'out-of-county- time. Cross at Cornwall or at the Ivy Lea bridge. You will find lots of Canadians shopping with you. Enjoy!!

Mimi-מימי- ميمي
Go to Value Village..

theres loads

watertown, rochester, etc

just take the bridge to usa from near brockville, and there is substantial toen on the southside :)

Is Plattsburgh a little bit closer??

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