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Why don't they stamp my passport when I leave Canada?

They Stamp it upon entry but not upon exit

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passports are only stamped when you enter a country not when leaving

Mr. E. Mann
Your passport is stamped to show that you have been permitted to enter a country. You don't need permission to exit.

They stamp your passport to record the date that you entered the country. For visa-exempt travellers, this usually means you are allowed to stay up to six months in Canada from that date.

Some countries (like Canada or USA) no longer even stamp your passport because when they scan the barcode they already have the information on file about your last several visits. What they usually do is look through the pages to see if you have visited any foreign countries that may make them ask other questions or render you inadmissible.

For example, I'm not positive, but I believe that if a Canadian or American somehow ends up with a stamp from Cuba in their passport, they may not be eligible to enter USA, or at the very least it will result in further questioning. That is why Cuba now issues a "tourist card" that they place inside your passport. You show that if any police or government official needs to see it in Cuba, and they either collect it or you throw it out when leaving. It does not stay as a permanent entry in your passport.

The same holds true of travelling in Europe and the Middle East. A stamped entry from Israel would give you lots of problems trying to enter Iran or several other countries, so they usually stamp a separate paper and tell you to keep it with your passport at all times during your trip.

But they don't need to stamp you on the way out. If you are returning home, then you have the rights to be in your home country. If you are moving on to a new foreign country, then they will stamp the new date and country for themselves.

Well, peoples claims that no countries stamp you upon exit is false, I have about 20 exit stamps in my passport. Though, it is also true that SOME countries don't stamp you out, I guess Canada is one of those...

They scan it into the computer.

No country does that unless you ask NICELY and not while listening to Justine Beiber on your ipod.

Because you only go through Canada Customs when you arrive in Canada. When you leave you go through the Customs Agents of the country you are entering. If you are entering your country of citizenship/residence, they will not stamp your passport. If you are entering another country as a visitor it will get stamped again by that country's customs service.

They only need to show that you came to Canada. They don't care about you coming back

smart boy
becuase they don't want u there.

cuz they already know where u come frm.

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