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Why won't the US accept Canadian currency?

There have been reports that some stores over in the US won't accept our money now, and I wanna know is it because ours is worth more now and their just upset or if it's something else?!

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Some places close to the border will accept Canadian currency, but be careful, because they are not obligated to update their currency exchange rate daily...or even while our dollar is worth a lot right now, they may have very old exchange rates and you'll get short changed.

A LOT of places in Canada won't accept US funds either...use the local currency. It's much easier. Exchange your funds at home before you go, or just use your credit card - credit cards give the most up to date currency exchange rates.

Peter D
Some stores do, just as some Canadian stores accept US dollars. However, the exchange rate usually isn't very favorable.

because in the US they have american money and in canada they have canadian money so they dont need to accept other forms of money
it like asking why the US doesnt accept chiniese or korean money
and it depends on where you go.
near the border, like in vermont, they accept canadian

Well, that is bad business. If the store is close to the border and routinely gets Canadian money then it is good business to accept it. However, that may depend on what it takes to deposit Canadian money or to get it changed to US currency.

Gravy B
Not sure. It's worth more.

Foreign countries like the USA are not obligated to accept Canadian currency. Some US stores do this as a courtesy to tourists and cross-border shoppers. In some cases, they actually lose money on a sale by accepting $CAD, because their bank will charge them a fee to convert the Canadian funds to US currency.

Put yourself in their shoes: If you paid for your groceries at the store and the store owner decided to give you your change in Mexican Pesos or British Pounds because he "didn't have time to get to a bank today", would you complain?

Why shop in the US.

Time to live
I bet if you pointed a gun at them and told them they had to take your money they would. It shouldn't be too hard to find a gun you are in the states. Just walk up to anyone on the street and offer them money for there gun. Everyone in the states has a gun. If the person on the street wont take Canadian money either than just steal one from a 3 year old because all kids in the states recieve a gun for thier third b-day.

Tony R
its because its worth more. some accept it at par.

I guess tony r has not realized that the US dollar hS NOT been worth more than the canadian dollar for quite some time !
Reason is Americans are so into themselves !
First I never thought we should except their currency period .
THeir always upset when their not on top the way they feel ...though their currency internationally has never been the highest and they still won't except any currency higher in vslue than thiers not just the canadian dollar

Much of the reason probably lies in the fact that most banks anywhere in the world will not exchange coins. Most Canadian currency is now in the form of coins, up to the $2 CND coin. This makes the coins useless to the merchant as they cannot be exchanged and in the US most US customers do not know what Canadian coins look like so they would not want to receive them in change. Also, Canadian coins, while the same denominations as US coins (excepting the $2 Canadian coin), have a different metal composition. That means that they do not work in US vending machines. You also have the fact that while most of the Canadian population lives quite close to the US, the reverse is not true. Finally, I have always been surprised that Canada accepted US coins and currency so freely. Few countries accept someone else's currency and coinage. That is, after all, a part of soverignity! Border towns are, of course, often different. In many locales, border town merchants will accept both currencies, giving change in the appropriate one. This is becoming true in the southwest US for example.

ummm...because we aren't Canadian? :-/

A dollar is a powerful thing to waste..

plus this is America...VIVA LA RESISTANCE.

because... THIS IS AMERICAAA!!!

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