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do any poisonious spiders live in the coquitlam/burnaby/vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada?

The House Spider, Brown Recluse, Black Widow ??

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You can get some Black Widows in the Okanagan but I've never heard of them in the lower mainland.

To my knowledge, the worst we have here (or at least, the worst I've ever known someone to get bitten by) are Wolf Spiders.

Almost all spiders are poisonous to some extent, but very few have strong enough venom to kill a healthy adult human. Black widows are not uncommon in the lower mainland, and there are some reports of hobo spiders. The brown recluse has never been confirmed in BC. Western black widows can leave you with a painful sting, but most people recover without much in the way of medical intervention

Although the North America has many species of spiders and many catch their prey by injection of a paralyzing venom, very few of these are actually dangerous to humans.

In British Columbia, there are no brown recluse spiders, there are western black widows, and the hobo spider exists (according to studies done by the University of BC). But the Hobo is easily mis-identified and often gets a bad rap. It's venom has not proven to actually be fatal or harmful to humans.

Spiders often give people the "creeps" (myself included), but they do a lot of good by catching several insects that are better known to spread disease, or catching stinging insects like flies, mosquitoes, hornets, and wasps.

I would guess that hobo spiders could be possible. They are believed to have entered the U.S. and spread from Seattle.

None that you should worry about.

There are black widows in the Okanagan, but not outside of it that I am aware of. The other two I've never even heard of.

They have monster slugs down there though - the size of cucumbers!

Hi, my name is:
i think we have black widows here. i dont think theyre native to the area tho, i heard they come in all the fruit shipment boxes from foreign countries.

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