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chelsea b

what are good areas to live in winnipeg?

i am moving to winnipeg and am trying to look for an apartment. i dont no the "good" and bad(scumy,getto) areas in the city so i would like to no the safest places to live there.

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Blake H
Winnipeg is like any other bigger city. There are very good areas and very bad areas.

For the most part, anything in the south is fine and anything in the north is bad. The expection to this is the North East, that area is great and always has been. It is called North Kildonan and used to be a seprate city, as were most of Winnipeg's subburbs (which is why you may find driving in Wpg to be interesting).

If you want fun and trendy, check out Osborne Village; Little Italy (Corydon); Academy Road; Downtown St Boniface (right across the river from Winnipeg), this area is historic and alive with active French culture and cafes; Norwood is being rediscovered; Wolsley; Exchange District; St James Village.

If you want 'normal'/family/subburban: Fort Gary is great (that;s where Uof M is); St Vital (though it can be $$$); South St Boniface (Southdale, Southland Park); Charleswood; Forest Park. St James is good, too...but it is a bit 'removed' from popular spots and traffic can be crazy as it only has one major road. North Kildonan in the North East is wonderful as are the seprate cities of Birds Hill, East St Paul and Lockport.
If you want older homes in great neighbourhoods: look at River Heights, East Gate, West Gate, Osborne, Little Italy, Wolsley, Norwood, Tuxedo (old and brand new together).

Hope this helps.

Remember: South Winnipeg is really the best part of the city, as that is where the stuff to do is.

I've lived in the city for the past five years now and I've lived in quite a few areas. Winnipeg is a good city, you just need to be aware of your surroundings. The areas that are good to live in are Fort Garry, St. James and St. Vital as well as Transona. You do however mainly want to avoid Downtown and the north end. Hope you find a place really nice!

Basically anything not central. Most people are saying not the North End, but they are referring to an area immediately north of downtown. Anything north of the North End is safe.

Also, it will depend on how much you are willing to spend on rent. You can kind of tell the type of neighbourhood by how much the rent is.

You need to also consider where you will be working or going to school and the type of neighbourhood you live in now. My brother loves living in artsy Osborne Village (which he considers a safe neighbourhood), I have friends who live in Wolsely, which is safe (and full of tree-huggers), I love St. James (very midddle class), though most people seem to think it's far away. Transcona has a bad reputation for no particular reason, (we just like to pick on them).

Good luck finding an apartment. Vacancy in Winnipeg is less than 1%

The Divine Bubba Blue - click on Crimestat, which will give you an idea of where crime is worst in the city.

Generally you want to avoid the North End, the West End, Downtown, southern East Kildonan just across the river from downtown/Point Douglas (oh, avoid Point Douglas) and the area just south of downtown in Osborne Village. The southeast is comparatively safe, especially St. Vital (between the Red and Seine Rivers and south of Carriere Avenue) and south St. Boniface (east of the Seine and south of the industrial parks). South St. B sometimes smells like the stock yards, though, yum yum.

The far west is also comparatively safe, as are the far fringes of the Kildonans. Transcona and St. Norbert are also very safe. You have to pick your neighbourhoods in Fort Garry, but basically the crime is worst along the highway. I don't know if Tuxedo has any affordable housing - it's the premium neighbourhood and, although its prices are eye-poppingly reasonable compared to, say, a working-class neighbourhood in Calgary, the average young person can't afford to live there.

Remember that you pay for safety: a 1930 house that would go for $75,000 in the North End will go for $210,000 in Elm Park.

The North End is NOT a nice place...

Like said above, CrimeStat is great.

A general rule of thumb is anywhere south of Portage is good, anywhere north is bad. I don't recommend Transcona, as it is dubbed TRASHcona.

I've lived all over Winnipeg...don't live in the North End...

Tyler S
The "North End" cannot be said no more, as the "scummy" north end is in fact NOT the north end of winnipeg any more. Winnipeg has expanded huge to the north with lots of brand new subdivisions. The scummy part of winnipeg is around the sheerbrook to Redwood to Point Douglas Area. check out this map and you will see what area im tlaking about.

Otherwise all other places are pretty good, Ive lived in the west end and Riverdale ( north tip of winnipeg) and they were both great places. never even had my truck broken into once!

The North End is lovely. Everyone is friendly, there are many parks for the children to play in, and it is compeltely safe at night.

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