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Do you think that Black-Americans and Caribbean Blacks are the same type of people?

Being from Trinidad, people always tell me that I'm not like the Black-Americans they know. They say we have a different attitude and we are a lot nicer people. And it's a lot of white people that tell me this eh.

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No I dont.
There is a mix of black and east indian people in Trinidad.
Very friendly and hard working.

American blacks are more African and seem to be a mixed bag of hard working to some lower elements such as gangs or rap culture obsessed with crime.
I am not trying to be mean, but it seems like the americans glorify crime in their music.
Trinidad seems to produce wonderful hard working people who are most desirable to our global society
I hope i didnt offend anyone.

It's more about culture than the color of your skin. Would you say you have the same culture as an african american even though you're from a different country? You have your own unique culture.

No, they are definitely different. African-Americans and Caribbean Americans share some of their history, but the experiences of living in separate regions has changed them. American culture is different from Caribbean culture, and in many Caribbean nations, people of African origins are the majority, which also makes their experiences very different.

Similarly, Africans in Africa are much different than African-Americans and Caribbean blacks. The cultures are simply different. White people in Europe are much different from white people in America, too!

Well, I think we are All the "same type" of people. We're all members of the Human Race.

I guess it just depends on where and how you were raised. Cant really generalize a whole race as being a certain type of person, should be approached on an individual basis. Different backgrounds instill different values and or tradition, the choice is up to the individual to live by those values or not and if those values live up to your own personal ideals. If someone is rude or inconsiderate, it doesnt really matter what make or model they are.

I think all groups of people have differences and simialrities.

We are different to Black Americans, because of our history. For us it is not surprising to see Black people with, education, money and power. Our counterparts in the United States are not as fourtunate...the Cosby Show was a fantasy to them, but they were my neighbours.

So we come from a different reality and it shows in our behaviour, and other's notice.

I think that comes from the racist attitudes and stereotypes against American blacks. I think it has less to do with tangible difference and more to do with segregating members of our races as less than others. I've heard this before, but it's stupid b/c they make these types of distinctions between blacks, but I haven't heard anyone voice similar opinions of whites from Australia having different and better attitudes than those in Europe. Blacks in America are just like blacks in the Caribbean and elsewhere, their black and it's just a color.

I have been to St. Thomas, Antigua, St. Maarten, Barbados and Jamaica. I have noticed that the people there are very open and friendly. I've run into a few that also didn't want much to do with me. The same when I visit Mexico. Now......Being an American, I run into people every day that are just as open and friendly.....also....I run into people who just don't want much to do with me. It's the same everywhere you go. It's not stereotyping, it's just life. Maybe they were having a bad day, maybe a problem at home. Maybe they just didn't feel good. People are people, no matter where you go. Take it in stride and go on about your busines..

u r dumb
I think Rabbityama had the best answer bythe way I know many trinis that are not black.Who are Indian ,some have portugese and some also chinese ...their culture is different and if I called them AFRICAN they would wonder if I was on some type of drugs .The culture is totally different as well .

jay k
Well a lot of Caucasian Americans immigrated from Europe centuries ago. However with that being said are we the same type of people? Heritage wise yes, but there's been centuries of distance, cultural differences, lifestyles, etc. I think you just hit Human Evolution on the head. For example take two people then geographically isolate them and they evolve differently based on the environment, etc.

no way. island peeps are way more lay'd back (as a generalization, of course). it's a societal influence that distinguishes them in my humble opinion. also - education and the availability of education influences highly - both from a book smarts and a street smarts perspective. one doesn't prevail over the other - just presents differences between the two.

by the way - i am chinese born in trinidad...but i've been here in the states too long (since youth) -- chinese trini are much nicer than me - i'd be the first to admit that...

I don't think any type of generalisation like that will work.
I don't think you can just call one nation nicer than the other.

Chocolit B
well all blacks are blacks but those in america beleive there are better than us in the caribbean thats y but we are all the same but caribbean people works harder to make a living

Fred S
no the people from the islands have a totally different attitude We go to Bequia all the time we find the people down there are very friendly

no they have different education and different up bringing

Island blacks grew up totally different from stateside blacks for example when we island ppl see our elders we know to say moring ,evening,night when we pass them front step.them blk.americans will just pass straight. we are much more humble ,and have more pride in how we come outside. when we have kids its ah family affair not like the stateside blks. who left kids fi rome. I just left my beautiful island on last week to come to states ny. and i miss it terribley .

And I hate how Black-American popular culture seems to be taking over Trinidad. I hate seeing Trinidadians acting all 'ghetto', they're not being real to themselves.

We're speaking in generalizations here, but it's because the media and so-called black leaders deliver the message that black Americans are somehow "owed" something. This phenomenon exists no where else in the world, even though blacks were enslaved in greater numbers in Brazil than it America.

American liberals continuously feed on guilt for what they have and because they control most media outlets, they deliver that message, which underachieving black Americans then seek to exploit.

Again, it's a generalization, but accurate enough so that stereotypes such as the one you mentioned do exist.

No, the carribbean islanders do wallow in ignorance like many american blacks do. This is generated from a subculture which places very little value on education.

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