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Bob D

Does Jamaica and Haiti share the same island?

The reason why I ask this is because people from Jamaica and Haiti talk with the same accent and talk the same creole.

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Tim J

They are separate islands in the Caribbean.

Haiti however does share the island of Hispaniola with Dominican Republic.

Professor Oglevee
Try go to the West Indian communities especially in Brooklyn, NY and you will know the difference.

Two different islands

Distance is 477 kilometers or 296 miles or 257 nautical miles
from jamaica

Yes we do sound alike because of the creole I live in jamaica all my life visit haiti on a school trip it was like i was still at home

The official language for haiti is french, but this is only spoken by the government and small portions of the business world. Approximately 95% of the population speak Haitian Creole, which is a blend of french, spanish, portuguese, english, and some some african languages.

Jamaica OFFICIAL Language is English
most speak patois/creole

Not a good reason for asking even if they did, cause then it would be the same for Trinidad, Grenada, St' Vincent ext. If you listen carefully the accent is very different and very different creole, Jamaicans speak patois to be specific, Haitians speak a bit of broken French. So to answer your question no they do not share the same Island.

no haiti shares an island with the dominican republic..jamaicans and haitians do not have the same accent neither do they speak the same creole

No, Haiti shares the island of Dominica with the Dominican Republic.

so...i have this question
No...Haiti shares an island wi th the Dominican Rep. Haitians and Jamaicans do not have the same accent...maybe you're just not used to hearing the difference between the two. Haitians speak Creole (which is an actual language) and Jamaicans speak Patois (which is broken english) two completely different sounding dialects.

Anthony B
This is the most stupid question i have heard this year...

This answer is NO .....We don't speak the same or live on the same land / island

no ............... u mad
we in jamaica see patious(broken english)
and haiti speaks french broken french

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