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Does a lawful permant resident need a passport to travel between puerto rico and the us by air?

Possible trip to puerto rico in April just came about. I am a legal permanent resident, but i have refugee status so obtaining a passport is not an option at the moment because i'm applying for citizenship at the moment. I'm just afraid applying for a refugee travel document may arise some complications with my citizenship process. So would i be able to travel to and from puerto rico with my permanent resident card, plus other forms of id excluding a passport?

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Yes. Your passport is now required to fly in or out of the continental United States - regardless if the location is Alaska, Hawaii, or any other US territory.

For those that gave me a thumbs down, I recommend that you check out the following:

"U.S. Citizens traveling to and returning directly from a U.S. territory are not considered to have left the U.S. territory and do not need to present a passport."

This does not apply to "Lawful Permanent Residents". Sorry.

NOTE: The original question posters asked this question in the context of being a "Lawful Permanent Resident" - not a U.S. Citizen. The rules are NOT the same.

As a permanent resident of the U.S., you do NOT need a passport to travel to Puerto is PART of the U.S....travelling there is just like travelling to another state.

I have now seen all the answers from people who do NOT know that Puerto Rico is PART of the U.S. I hope more people out there who know that PUETO RICO IS AS MUCH THE U.S. AS HAWAII, ALSAKA, OR EVEN TEXAS will answer too...right now, we are outnumbered by those ignorant of the correct facts.

Constance B
No passport for Puerto Rico or Guam ( both US Territories) or any other US Territory (Virgin Islands) etc. but you do need one for Canada and Mexico (because they don't belong to us.)

I don't believe you need a passport.
I travel back and forth to Puerto Rico all the time, in fact I'm going there next month.
But I never needed a passport and nor anyone else I know that has gone.

Nope ! U dont need a passport!

Go to and there was an article about how you don't have to have your passport because it is an American port. Just like you don't have to have your passport in Alaska if you are United States resident.

Puerto Rico is considered a United States territory, thus you never are technically leaving the US. So a passport isn't necessary. (The commercials for Puerto Rican tourism make note of this in their commercial, as well).

However, you don't have the ordinary travel issues here, and you probably should contact whomever might be handling your case, or calling the passport office and asking just to be sure you don't need anything special.

<Raised on Promises>
Ok US citizens are you all really that stupid?

Puerto Rico is a US TERRITORY, which means, if you are a US citizen, YOU DON'T NEED A PASSPORT. Regardless of the new law.

Canada and Mexico, are not US territories, therefore, you would need a passport.

yes you do need both passport and id, sorry

No all you need is a your Resident card and a valid ID if you're coming from the USA.

Darth Eugene Vader
Yes, you need a valid Id like your permanent resident card and/or state driving license.

Yes, you need a passport for any kind of foreign travel by air.


Unfortunately you do need a passport to travel anywhere outside the US these days (even to Canada and Mexico). I believe it became a law sometime last year.

it used to be that you would have to show your birth certificate and social security card to get back into the united sates but since 9/11 it has changed in the last 2 years that in order too get back into the united states regardless of your citizenship you must provide a passport.

Not originally but you need a passport now to travel anywhere out of country, even Canada now-a-days. This went active quite recently.

Yes, recent changes in security made it mandatory that anyone coming to the US *has* to have a passport. When it was first introduced, there was an extension of the deadline because the passport office got swamped. The requirement is in full affect now.

put the internet to good use and look it up

Yes, passports are only for 'lawful' citizens anyway, an unlawful citizen is breaking the law by getting a passport from another country. Its a pain, but you will either have to talk to the autoritys about being able to travel, or wait until you become a full citizen, thats how the law works.

I travel every year to Canada from Las Vegas Nevada, I only need my green cared y license Driver

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