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How much spending money would you take to the atlantis bahamas?

There are two of us travelling from the UK for two weeks in August and we're not sure of how much money to take.
Thanx 4 ur help!!!

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The Bahama's can be very expensive because virtually EVERYTHING is imported to the island. One beer at the Atlantis or anywhere else on the island is $5-6.00! Stay out of the casino and you will be better off! Cabbies are also very pricey. It is a beautiful place! I would bring a couple of $1,000. There are also access to ATM's if you need more.

depends on if you plan to do some gambling. If so, figure $350-$500 a day.

I ? VB
i was just at the atlantis last week (left saturday) and everything there is VERY expensive. every place in the bahamas is expensive not just at the atlantis. u will need to bring a lot of money. food is very expensive it ranges from 20-50 dollars. souvenirs range from 1-50 dollars (most of the time some are more expensive). i hope i helped! by the way the money is in american money.

They don't really take cash in the Atlantis resort itself. Anything at all you want, from buying things in the stores to ordering drinks at the bars, you are expected to charge to your room card and then you just pay at the end from your credit card. Don't know about the gambling. When we went there we had kids with us so didn't do any.

There is some good shopping in Nassau, particularly jewellery, but again, you'd probably pay by card rather than cash/travellers cheques. I would take no more than £500 -£1000.

samantha. :]
i went to the atlantis last year.
take a lot of money!!!! its expensive down there!!

Emma W
I haven't been to the bahamas so I don't know how expensive it is. BUt when I went to Barbados, I took £500 because we were going all inclusive. However, we wanted to make the most of the trip as it was unlikely we would be able to go back again, so we spent all that on excursions around the island.
If you are going all inclusive and are happy to sit in the resort for 2 weeks, then you will need very little, but its always worth taking as much as you can, just in case. You can always get it changed back when you get home.

I would definitely empty my piggy bank if I were you, lol!

You really wanna enjoy yourself, don't you?

Break the damn thing!

P.S. Where in the U.K. will you be traveling from if you don't mind me asking? And also, the month of August falls straight in the middle of hurricane season so watch out!

i would take a 10000. its alway better to take more than you need as you never know what is around the corner

I guess it depends on what you decide to do. Including meals activities (one - two a day) transportation and souvenirs i would say around $400.00 a day. If you are going all out and renting yachts and things like that of course you would have to budget way more. but for local sightseeing a dining that should be sufficient

For two weeks 5000 should be good enuff but that would also be alot so if i was you i would put into consideration what are we going to do, are we going to be on the beach more then we shope or walk around and amire the sites or just enjoy ourselves the best way possible. Am gona rufly say between 2000 and 3000$ Oh and may i suggest St Martin for your next trip youl get bored on the 4th day in the bahamas trust me i know ^_^

Visiting Altantis can be an expensive trip. Ok who am I kidding, it will be an expensive trip.
Although I have not stayed at Atlantis, It seems there is a fair amount to do, the beach activites look fun and I see Ads for different activites to do, but I assume they are an extra charge.

Eating something beside burgers and sandwiches will be very expensive plan at least $20.00 per meal to be on the safe side of EATING LIGHT. (burgers and sandwiches)
I suggest bringing some snack foods with, as the little gift shop prices are higher than an airport gift shop (OUCH).

The good part is if you are gambling the drinks are free. There are not many penny machines, so bring a few xtra dollars for the slots too.

You can blow through a hundred dollar bill in no time, just doing nothing, so bring as many as you can.

Have fun and e sure to try a Bahama Mama or a Goombay Smash.

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