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I'm thinking about traveling to Jamaica alone and what is a rent-a-dread?

Im planning a trip next year for im 26th b-day, and yes my first n only choice is Jamaica. The problem is, is that i have heard horror stories about women who go to Jamaica alone or with another friend and their never seen again. My view about the whole thing is that the women go to Jamaica and they see how laid back it is and they never want to return home. Like for example, two women went to a resort in negril and one of the women met an employee of the resort or a rent-a-dread and the next morning when it was time for her and her friend to return to america, she couldn't find her. The U.S has done everything to locate her whereabouts in Jamaica, but it seems she just vanished off the face of the earth. This somewhat bothers me because i know that i have a weakness for jamaican men and i proberly will end up like her. My best friend said i shouldn't have a problem because she went by herself. but im like " u have family in jamaica of course nothing is going to happen to you!!!!!!!

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I am a Jamaican and I live here all my life.

As someone else mentioned, just do the basics and you will be fine.

I have heard of many persons who found love in Jamaica but I also heard about a few negative experiences as well.

The bottom line, try to come with the objective to have a good time and let nature takes its course.

There are many things to do and places to go here to have great fun!

You can contact me here if you need any further information.
I will try my best to help.

Have a superb trip!

People vanish all the time in the States you know. Don't worry about all the negative stories you hear about Jamaica. You NEED to go out of your resort if that is where you will be staying. You'll be fine. I've never had problems there and I have gone with friends, alone and with my son. Why are you going alone on your birthday? You should try to find someone to go with you, especially if it's your first time going there and it's for your birthday.

Hell Raiser
Just do the basics right and u will be fine

beach bum
Why do you think the big hotels are all fenced in? Why do ads for house rentals all say "security included"? I have been to Jamaica and had a good time but I never left my hotel. Other Caribbean islands I move about freely and don't worry at all. Jamaica has more crime and more violent crime that other islands.

I just came back from Runaway Bay and never felt threatened. But then again I didn't go out at night by myself or walk down the beach by myself. Definitely stay at an all inclusive. Breezes Runaway Bay was awesome. Rooms not very posh but great staff...bartenders...ask for a Bob Marley shot. Anyway you will be fine just use common sense. Do NOT go off with anyone. Yes I do understand the draw of Jamaican I ever.

You are talking about Claudia Kirschhoff. I know the story well.

A rent a dread is a male prostitute. I call them Rastatutes.

Did you ever hear of the novel called "How Stella Got her Groove Back?" By Terri McMillan? There is a constant stream of women who travel to Jamaica looking to get their groove back.

Depending where you go, you may be propositioned. There won't be any pressure unless you get well off the beaten path... or, fall in love.

If that story is true, it certainly never made the evening news. Like any other part of the world, women who go to Jamaica on vacation need to exercise sound judgment. If when you were in the US you wouldn't meet a strange man somewhere and go off with him, then you should not do that in Jamaica or anywhere else.

Most of the people who get into trouble abroad, ended up that way because they got involved with criminals, in their quest for drugs or other illegal activities. Others picked up strangers for sex and got robbed or assaulted in the process. Need I explain to you all the dangers of that sort of wanton behavior?

As for the Rent-A-Dreads, that is a terminology for men, some of whom have dreadlocks. They usually hang around the hotels or tourist areas to pick up foreign women who are looking for sex and good times. Those men are simply hustlers who are trying to make a living. For the right price, they will spend time with the women, sometimes procure drugs for them, etc. You know not who you are picking up, nor whether they are safe or criminal. At best, you will find one who knows the island well and can show you the local areas and give you a good time. At worst, you will get physically harmed.

CONDOMS: Don't leave home without them. Walk good chile!!!

I'm Jamaican.

You ask a two-part question. Firstly, it would be farcical to say that anyone, anywhere, whether locals or tourists, are completely safe in any country in any part of the world. But here in Jamaica we pride ourselves on our hospitality to our guests and in our natural giving nature.

Please allow me to invite you to overcome your hesitation and come to visit. Only then will your eyes be opened to what real caring and hospitality is, because so long as you've not had the Jamaican flavor of hospitality, you have not really lived at all.

Of course, there have been incidents of injury, robbery, intimidation and even death to tourists, but these have been so few and far between that they are under-represented in statistics. I can only recall one incident where someone has disappeared and I am 40 years old. So you are a lot safer than you would be even in your own country (haha).

To the second part of your question: There was at one time a phenomenon of sorts playing itself out in our resort areas. Tourist women looking for escorts would pay local men quite handsomely to spend time with them and to get a taste of the legendary Jamaican virility a.k.a the "big bamboo". Since most of these men wore dreadlocks, they were branded "Rent-a-dread", a play on the rent-a-car name.

??? vanitee of vanitees ???
You'll be fine...

Most women are weak when choosing their mate, so they end up with the wrong type, don't follow friend and try to rent a man in Jamaica, that is like using some one, get a real love, Dread locks men are not the best men in Jamaica, Christian are not the best man in Jamaica, find your best man by using your head, if you are just looking for sex you man end up in trouble, seek and you will find,don't pick up just any body,you have good men and bad men,fool men and wise men,don't put your self in hard spot then you blame all Jamaican men, every thing you want is in Jamaica but you must pick the right thing. good luck.

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