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I'm thinking about traveling to Jamaica alone and what is a rent-a-dread?

Im planning a trip next year for im 26th b-day, and yes my first n only choice is Jamaica. The problem is, is that i have heard horror stories about women who go to Jamaica alone or with another friend and their never seen again. My view about the whole thing is that the women go to Jamaica and they see how laid back it is and they never want to return home. Like for example, two women went to a resort in negril and one of the women met an employee of the resort or a rent-a-dread and the next morning when it was time for her and her friend to return to america, she couldn't find her. The U.S has done everything to locate her whereabouts in Jamaica, but it seems she just vanished off the face of the earth. This somewhat bothers me because i know that i have a weakness for jamaican men and i proberly will end up like her. My best friend said i shouldn't have a problem because she went by herself. but im like " u have family in jamaica of course nothing is going to happen to you!!!!!!!

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