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If I travel to puerto rico, do i have to go thru customs upon my return?

I am a u.s. citizen.
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and if so, why if its U.S. territory?

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No, You just have to take your luggage to the USDA X-ray machine. They see if you have something suspicious and only open the luggage if they have a doubt about something. Don't carry fruits and plants, meat (ham) unless the package is closed (sealed). I have never have a problem. Is the same that the machine in the gate over the hand luggage. Once they pass by the machine they put a sticker and that is all. You have to carry the luggage to your airline booth. You have to do this before going to the airline.

Zal I
Yes! everyone has to go thru custom unless you are bush!

Yes. Customs checks for any number of things when coming into the Main Land of the US.
From: Plants & Food which may carry pests, to drugs, illegal aliens, people not from the US or PR traveling into the US, there are various things customs look out for.

Yes, when my dad lived in ST. Thomas, USVI I had to everytime, and also when I visited St. Barth's which we own land there I had to as well, because that is not US territorie, just have your passport/ID, they also can go through your luggage and carry on's as well......Have a good time:)

You don't need a passport to travel to PR unless you are not American. I am Puertorican and I travel from the US all the time back to my homeland. I have never needed a passport. Everyone has to go through that but you shouldn't have any problems.

Better safe than sorry.
Since it is US territory you shouldn't have any problems but just in case take precautions.

yes,dear, have your passport ready along with your birth certificate

If You're a US Citizen and you're traveling back to USA..You don't go through Customs..Your Bags will be check by USDA they check for fruits, plants and Food the Crops in US don't get contaminated.

After that Your Bags will be check by TSA/Homeland Security at the Checkpoint.

If you travel outside the US (PR is a territory/commonwhealth) then You must go through Customs.

You don't Need a passport to travel from the MainLand (USA) to Puerto Rico. Just Your Valid ID.

Enjoy My beautiful Island....

Puerto Rico is a self governing commonwealth, it is not a territory

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