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In Jamaica, how old do you have to be to buy alchohal?

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Drinking is legally allowed at age 18, but it is not an issue for us at all. You can get a beer regardless of your age though and it is NOT because the storekeepers "want to make a quick buck!"

It is primarily because the majority of young Jamaicans do not drink in the way young Americans do. We would rather spend a night dancing than drinking.

U can be any age to buy anything in Jamaica once u have the money. We don't really care...that's just the general population. But with the resorts i'm sure it's different. The legal drinking age here is 18

Shayna xo
Legal age is 18, but I've bought alch there when I was like 13.

Sherona B
Do you mean legally? Well 18. But there is no hard and fast rules generally. Jamaicans are not drunks so it is not really an issue.

Any age. People are quick to give it to you since they wanna make money.

trust me, thats a non-issue...... alcohol will find you in jamaica

The Goddess
REALITY--whenever you want to have good

Jamaica is not about "getting drunk". Alcohol is RARELY abused and looked at as tasteless to not be able to hold your liquor..So the drinking age is not a problem because no one cares more or less..its not anyones TOP one needs a "fix"

Chairman Meow
The limit is 15, but outside of the major cities it's pretty much laissez-faire.

mickale b
Do you mean legally? Well 18. generally. Jamaicans are not drunks so it is not really an issue. our kids don't really go out of there way to indulge in alcohol and most resort offer alcohol yes but not to under aged kids not knowingly remember whenever u check in they always ask for your passport thats were they'll get ur age info so to speak and not all resorts are opened to under age either

The legal drinking age i.e the age you have to be to buy alcohol is 18. Of course there are loopholes in every system so there are places in Jamaica where you can get alcohol if you are underage as they just want to make the quick dollar!

Kaneka Majii
18 years of age, is the drinking age from what I remember.

Probly 18 .
unless youre going on vacation to a resort there =)

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