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shane j

What attract tourist to come to Jamaica.?

What is the natural things in Jamaica that attract tourist to the island and the things man mad to attract touris to come and visit it.

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Of the millions of things that attract tourists to Jamaica, I promise you, ganja is not one of them... and if it is, they are going to be very disappointed because the Jamaican Police have a low tolerance for ganja-smoking tourists.

Apart from the fact that Jamaica is one of the mot beautiful islands in the world (Christopher Columbus considered it to be ?the fairest isle that eyes have beheld?), its proximity to the United States makes it very attractive to tourists who do not have a lot of money to spend, but with the exchange rate at JA$68: US$1, they can afford to go to Montego Bay for $450 or Negril for $350 or Ocho Rios for $400. With that amount of money, they are guaranteed a relaxing or fun-filled weekend. Of course, price is relative. For the super liberated, for that amount of money, you can enjoy only one night at Hedonism hotel in Negril, famous for its nude beach.

North Americans are attracted to Jamaica because the temperature is above 70 degrees year-round, and they can tolerate that for a few days. Those living in the warmer states could go to Miami, but the same $450 will barely cover hotel accommodation for the weekend.

To answer your question properly though, the natural things that attract tourists would be: Dunn?s River Falls, Negril Beaches, Doctors Cave Beach, James Bond Beach, the Blue Lagoon and the Green Grotto Caves; and the man made things would be: the Bob Marley Museum, Nine Miles, his birthplace, the Jamaican Carnival, the Boston Jerk Festival, Junkanoo Christmas celebration, Dolphin Cove, the Mo?Bay Under seas tours, visiting Firefly and the Rose Hall Great Houses, and the Aquasol Theme Park.

Hope I was able to "enlighten" you about the attractions of Jamaica. See you there! ?

QT Like Mee
The beautiful sunset over the ocean, the crystal blue water, nice cool breeze, beautiful trees, beautiful people, great food, nice weather, great music and entertainment, nice hotels, great attractions such as Dunn's River Falls, The Blue Mountains, Green Grotto Cave, Lovers Leap, Rose Hall Great House, National Heroes Park. This is just a few of the great things Jamaica has to offer and why people keep going back to visit.

the fun,sun,beautiful beaches,great cuisine,warm hearted,friendly people.Natural beauty in the "LAND OF THE SEA AND SUN".I visit every year.Can't get enough.

Beautiful beaches sunshine and very friendly people. Was there last year and I loved it. I suppose some tourists go for other reasons!

Dunn's River Falls, Rick's Cafe, the beaches, the people and the air, its so clean

Mr. Jamaica
In terms of natural attractions, the biggest attractions are:-

Dunn's River Falls

The seven mile beach at Negril

The Blue Lagoon in Port Antonio

River rafting (all over the island)

Beaches (all over the island)

The Blue Mountains, Lover's Leap and numerous waterfalls.

In terms of man made attractions, there are lots of bars playing reggae and dancehall music (Rick's cafe in negril and the margaritaville chain are some of the more famous examples), unique Jamaican food, great houses from the colonial era, the old pirate city of Port Royal ( which was the setting for the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

In summary, there is absolutely loads!

the white sand beaches the food the rich culture the sight seeing (especially the huge houses).

??? vanitee of vanitees ???
beaches, people, attractions, history, climate and the list goes on

The Beaches, weather, food, people. I was there december 05 and had a WONDEFULL time. I cant wait to go back, I even meet some people,with whom I still keep in contact with to this day.

the people, the food, the atmosphere... everything!! it's like a spiritual experience that will have you coming back for more!!

jamaican fatty
weed,music, golden sunshine, beautiful beaches

crime......historical sites beautiful beaches take it from me i'm from the caribbean jamaica has its good sides and bad sides
never go to kingston without a police in the night

Ganja, beautiful beaches and great music!

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