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denise a

What is the best paying job in Jamaica?

i know im going back home(jamaica) after i finish college. i am a senior in High shcool right now and i would like to know what whould be a good thing to study in college so that i can get a good paying job when i go back.

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to be honest, the job market in jamaica is very tough right now. if you looking to get rich instantly, it wont happen (not legally at least).

your best bet is to do really well in college, so when you come back you're resume makes you very competitive.

regarding the "best paying job" >> my opinion is that the best paying job really shouldnt be measured in monetary terms. in the end its what makes you happy and gives you a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day. think about that and choose your career wisely.

but, the traditional 'high paying' jobs in jamaica are:
- Actuary

- Doctor (not necessarily general practitioners, specializing is better)

- Lawyers (again, you have to be at the top of your game)

- Entrepreneurs (this offers the most flexibility, and if you carve out a niche market, the dollars will flow!)

hmm thats basically it. remember high stress comes with high pay. so money shouldnt be your biggest motivator.

hope this helps~*

Hey girl. That's a difficult question to answer because the country has so many different industries.
Generally, executive jobs in the banking sector are really well paid-- but you would need an MBA (or a degree in something like HRM or Communications depending on the area of interest). I worked at NCB (A large bank) in Jamaica one summer, and even the assistant general managers are very very well compensated.
Doctors who work in the private sector make alot of money-- unlike government doctors, and if you are an attorney with a private law firm (one that is reputable like Myers Fletcher
People with mechanical qualifications (engineers, land surveyors, architects etc.) are also well compensated.
Any industry where you hold an executive position would pay, so don't study a particular thing just because you want to be wealthy. Just go to a reputable college and go on to graduate school afterwards to that you can b more competitive (the job market is tight now even for people with graduate degrees). If and when you are ready to return to Jamaica, you'll be able to get a good job in any field that interests you.

Hj H
hotel worker

working in the resorts in office admin or even tour guide assistant

The very best paying job in the whole country? The president of it maybe?

Billy Shat
Drug Lord.


robert g
resort jobs

The Great Gate
You can work at McDonald's and make $3.75 cents a day. It is the best paying job in all of Jamaica!

bannana picker or lawyer, or herb grower

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