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What is the zip code in jamaica?

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Jamaica doesn't have a zip code like in the U.S.

We have a new postal code system similar to the one used in UK and the most of Europe.

Its a 7 digit alpha numeric code starting with the letters - JM

Example - JMAAW10

Sherona B
We do not have zip codes in Jamaica. 1876 is NOT NOT a zip code. It is the area code for telephone number. For the person it said it was, I dont think u r really Jamaican becasue if you were you would know better.

The "L" Word
Jamaica doesn't use zip codes. Simply address the letter with the correct street address, name of town or city and parish (if applicable).

Jamaica does not use Zip codes.
Here is a typical address in Kington and St. Andrew

Joe Smith
100 Half-Way-Tree Road
Kingston 5
Jamaica W.I.

typical address if being sent to another parish
Joe Smith
100 Atlas Point St
Browns Town Post Office
St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.

you do not have to use to W.I. but old habits are hard to break.

People please try to use some common sense, zip code does not equal area code or country code therefore the person who answered 1(876) is the retard, not the others on the site he tried to put that title on.

Jamaica doesn't use zip codes.

Pappa San
No Zip Code...just Town, Parish, Jamaica and West Indies...

so for example, when I send a letter to my father it would be adressed;

Ocho Rios, St. Ann, Jamaica, W/I

...just like that...

We use to have postal codes = kingston 10
and even used districnt, parish information

Or address is basically

street / lot number
street name
postal code

however there is a new initiative to standardise it with a code similar to zip codes... unfortunatel i dont see any steps to roll that out publicly

if im filling out a US form and i need a 5 digit number i either put KGN10 for kingston 10 or 00000 for absolutely no where zip

It's probably in the front of your telephone directory. Or, you can call the zip code number and get it. I call my Post Office in my neighborhood and they answer all of my questions.

Your question confuses me?
It's more of an area code- 1876 ro 876

Linda B
its just amazing they get the mail up in the moutain.I just send it to name of the person,
town, and the parrish, jamaicia

I find Sum people retard Jamaica well have a a country and zipcode its +1876 or 876

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