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When does the school year begin and end in Jamaica?

We are visiting Montego Bay in August and a friend suggested we stop by a school and bring some supplies for the children.

If school is in what items would you suggest we bring? What would be needed?

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Jamaican Schools open the very first week in September and depending on how many days they have missed during the year based on hurricanes, unrest etc. they close either the last week in June or first week in July.

Bring back-to-school items like notebooks and pens and all.. take reading books too.

Probably mostly paper... and pencils... but make sure that if you get pencils that you get hand held pencil sharpeners as well.

most schools on jamaica start in september and end in late june or early could bring backpacks,books to write in or to read..also pencils

Most schools start in early September and end in early July. Jamaican kids always have problems with sharpeners, rubbers and folder leaves so bring a lot.

Well, I can't tell you when school vacation is exactly but, I have some suggestions for your consideration. Make your supplies a little more fun. Perhaps some cute erasers to go on those pencils, colored markers, paperclips, dictionaries, they use those black and white speckled notebooks for class. Maybe some folders, pencil cases, colored paper, glue, tape.

We usually send a friend in Negril backpacks filled with stuff for his girls. It's much appreciated. The postage kills me though. You also should consider how heavy and large your gift is for travel consideration. That could get expensive and back-breaking!

Enjoy your trip!

Chrise G
schools reopen in september the first monday of the month and ends two weeks before christmas.
you could bring excercise books, pens, pencils, erasers and school bags. and by the way that was a very nice suggestion from your friend, trust me i know that they will appreciate it a whole lot and also have fun. and i use to go to mt. alvernia high in montego bay or mobay for short so big up that school for me.

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