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Cindy T

Which Caribbean island is the prettiest, safest, most to do, with great shopping, horses, great beaches, etc?

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That list of caribbean islands that Yahoo shows on the side of the screen... well.. IGNORE THEM... That list is only 13 islands long and there are nearly SIXTY ISLANDS you can go to in the caribbean... Those islands Yahoo shows are the only ones AmeriKans know about... and that is why they say "go to Jamaica" or "go to Puerto Rico" or "Go to the D.R."... because AmeriKans don't KNOW the best places to go.. since they haven't seen the neat places being advertised on TV.

Look at Bequia and the islands in the immediate area of that island... and FORGET the 13 islands that AmeriKans seem to think constitutes the Caribbean

Bajan Princess =]
I would say Barbados.
Barbados has lovely scenery and it is relitively safe. Lots to do and lots of places to go shopping like our main town, our malls etc. Yes they are horse places here too that u can pay to go and ride and we have wonderful beaches! =)

Come and enjoy.

PUERTO RICO. All of the caribbean is nice, but some islands can be kind of boring. Puerto Rico has the most to do. It is a US territory so its pretty safe & therefore you have more options because you can explore on your own. San Juan is PR's big city. There you will find everything like restaurants, shopping, nightlife, casinos, etc. There are also beautiful historical sites here like El Morro Fort. You can go to the Bacardi Factory Tour also. There is El Yunque Rain forest where you can hike & swim in waterfalls. The Bioluminescent bay glows in the dark! Camuy Caves is a huge cave system & then there is Arecibo Telescope which is the biggest radio telescope in the world. There is even a dry forest with cactus in Guaninca. PR has all the watersports you can imagine. You can ride horses on the beach in almost any town in PR. Vieques even has wild horses that are so gorgeous to see, plus white sand beautiful beaches. Check out the video below :)

For me, it depends on what you want to do!

Turks & Caicos is hardly discovered so if you want privacy with different kinds of beauty, this is your island!

Grand Bahamas/ Paradise Island are islands that are hugely popular in the Bahamas, so these would be great places to go for a wide variety of tourist-y stuff.

Jamaica is well known for the party atmosphere but it has most of the tourist-y stuff that you list too. One drawback, it can be dangerous!

For me, (you did ask our opinion) I went to Punta Cana with Spirit Vacations recently and LOVED it. I don't remember the name of the hotel I stayed at but it was a cheap all inclusive and it was AMAZING. Literally, sat at the edge of a blue sea on white sand with a Blue Hawaiian in my hand and thought "Why can't life be like this?" Haha.

Have fun choosing!

pow pow
Im from the USVI. Im from St.Thomas but I would say that St.John not St.Johnssssss. But St.John is perfect. It is very relaxing, safe, quiet, a perfect little get away. This is where the top notch beaches are. And Kenny Chezney lives there I usually see him when I walk by the local bars. They have alright shopping but if you want to go all out you can take a 20 minute ferry to St.Thomas and explore our Down Town area with over 200 shops. On St.John they have Horse back riding trails with guides it's in Coral Bay and you can find it in our local island guide magazines which are located EVERYWHERE in the USVI. There is also a beautiful resort on the beach called The Westin on St.John. Highly recommended lots of fun for kids. You can find out more about St.John and other islands on these sites.

Highly Favoured
All the islands are pretty especially Tortola for the views since they have many high areas.
The safest are Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica to name a few.
Most to do-Barbados, Trinidad and Barbados to name a few.
Great shopping-Trinidad, St. Maarten, Margarita
Horses-Barbados for sure
Great beaches-all over the Caribbean including Barbados and Grenada.

Barbados is your best bet.

St. Johns I think, I am not sure about horses though.

Definitely not Jamaica! Maybe Grand Cayman - although it's expensive. The water there is beautiful, although the island itself isn't scenic.

Rhonda S
Jamaica is very pretty, its safe because they now have special police that take care of the tourists, they have great places to buy gifts and other things, they have many different place that you can ride horses and the beaches are FABULOUS no matter which part you go to.

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