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Which is the least humid Caribbean destination?

I hate humidity with a passion. Just to illustrate what I mean - I spent some time in Miami Beach and Boca Raton and hated it. Even in winter time I was miserable.

I'd love to go to the Caribbean but I avoided doing so because it seemed to me it would be just as humid as Florida. Am I right? Any Caribbean spot that's a LOT less humid than Florida? I live in Los Angeles, for example, and find the weather here very comfortable as far as humidity goes.

...And my question isn't really about how humid it FEELS to you... :) Many people love Florida and don't find it uncomfortable or too humid.


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‚?•Bajan Princess‚?•
You said: " hate humidity with a passion"

I say: Then dont come to the Caribbean

The Caribbean is a tropical place. Your question is like asking: which part of the furnece is the least humid!


We went to Aruba last March and I didn't find it to be humid (we're from NYC so we know about humidity). It's a desert island, like Bonaire & Curacao, so there's not a lot of moisture in the air. I also did some poking around and supposedly Antigua & Barbuda have low humidity. Also, going in the winter/spring should be better than going in the summer or fall, due to hurricane season.

That is kind of a hard one, I don't think there would be any place in the Caribbean that's A LOT less humid than Florida, but I've been to the West Indies and if there would be any place that you might be able to tolerate, that'd be it. Try St Vincent or Bequia. Here is an article I wrote about Bequia recently, not many people have heard of it so it isn't crowded and I loved it:

I would try Aruba, Curacao. or Bonaire. We are more familiar with Aruba than the other two. but it is nowhere near as humid as Florida because it is a desert island. If you find any other desert islands, they will not be as humid as Florida.

Try any of the islands in the West Indies (Eastern Caribbean). The trade winds keep the humidity down around 70%. It's very pleasant. The Atlantic side of St Kitts is nice.

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