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BooNaaNaa =]

Why can't Americans go to Cuba? 0_0?

I was watching this news report:

and the reporter says that Americans aren't allowed to go to Cuba..
but I'm confused, loads of British people go to Cuba in the summer every year. So why can't Americans go?

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Two big reasons. In the 60's Castro "nationalized " all American owned companies in Cuba. That is a fancy word for Stealing. He simple took possession of the companies without paying for them...everything from oil companies to luxury hotels. This ticked of the Americans...pretty reasonable response. Then he allowed Russia to put Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles on Cuban soil...and pointed them at the United States. This was a HUGE deal. I lived in the part of the U.S. the missiles were aimed at during that time. This also ticked off Americans...also a reasonable response. The trade embargo was begun, and this includes an embargo against American tourism to Cuba. If Cuba was 90 miles from London, and Castro pointed missiles at London...they would probably take offense too.

Don Camilo
Americans CAN go. Only the yanks are forbidden to go

But they don't care. They go anyway

Reason: the USA government does not want the USA tourists to take dollars to fidel and the little brudder, because of the embargo between Cuba and the USA. Taking dollars to Cuba would be considered as a business transaction,

Now, would you know why WE CANNOT get out of Cuba ?

Nobody cares about that or wants to know about that

As usual, somebody is here spreading the comunist indoctrination they received last night from their superiors and blow a huge amount of hot air, more than enough to make a fleet of balloons. But there is not a single drop of truth in what they say

Well in the past the soviet,s have come close to convincing them to waste us with nukes.I guess they are still pissed.

Derke N
The US imposed an embargo on Cuba stopping US companies trading with Cuba and preventing citizens visiting.
"A U.S. arms embargo had been in force since March 1958 when armed conflict broke out in Cuba between rebels and the Batista government. In July 1960, in response to the expropriations by the Cuban government, the United States reduced the Cuban import quota of brown sugar by 7,000,000 tons; the Soviet Union responded by agreeing to purchase the sugar instead, and Cuba took further actions to take over American businesses."

As Charlie said, big bad old fidel ( who was not old at that moment, but was big and bad anyway ) nationalized in the name of HIS REVOLUTION ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY in Cuba

That included that of the USA. And they forbid business with Cuba until big bad old fidel pays. But very unlikely he does that.

As Charlie says, if fidel had stolen from the British, I doubt they would have been delighted

Oh, beardo, "most Cubans cannot leave Cuba because they cannot get a visa', etc, etc, etc

Man, that is A GOOD JOKE ! I will tell it to my friends to make them laugh. How funny you are !

You are not high, are you ?

Sorry i dont have an answer but why do so many comments have like 3-5 thumbs down 4 giving the actual reasons to the question...they rnt even say n they are for or against it...just give n some info so i say THUMBS UP 2 ALL OF YA :]!!!

--- Dan72 --- They Made Me Do It
After the revolution in 1959 Cuba has been subjected to a trade and travel embargo by the United States.

One of the outcomes of this is it's illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba although there are ways around this.


Whilst the travel ban was originally imposed in the 1960s, it was allowed to lapse by President Carter, and then reimposed by his successor.

So the reason US citizens cannot travel to Cuba now, is because Ronnie Raygun saw Cuba as an outpost of the evil Soviet empire.

Finger Lickin' Good - you teacher doesn't know what they are talking about !

Don C - most Cubans cannot leave Cuba because they can't get a visa. Reason - the richer countries are afraid they won't go back.

In times when Americans were getting used to having their a$$es kissed and abused it to gain control over country?s governments, financial institutions, police and military, few patriots and their friends from Cuba said ? no way. We want to give Cuba back to Cubans. And so they did. They overthrown an American asskisser president and halted the abuse of their people and resources by power hungry Americans.

That obviously didn?t go very well with Americans, so they did what they always do ? plotted the assassination of the president and military take over of the power in a sovereign country. But they failed miserably:

The Bay of Pigs invasion ? CIA picked up few rotten apples and back stabbers from among Cubans and brainwashed/train them to fight their own kin. They were provided with military equipment and were sent to take Cuba over by merciless killing of everyone and anyone who opposes US will to control the country. Just as everything else US gets involved with ? The Bay of Pigs invasion failed miserably.

Next CIA sent their top hitmen to assassinate Fidel Castro. 638 attempts to assassinate Cuban leader ? each of them failed miserably. Americans really blow at everything they do. And that pissed them right off. Wouldn?t it piss you off too? I mean ? miserable failures of Americans were blatant anywhere one would look, but Cuba make everything twice as obvious and that irked Americans to no avail.

Since they were unable to destroy Cuba via military aggression, they?ve decided to try to destroy Cuba economically. While it did hit Cuba badly, they survived and are striving more than ever. Once again, Americans were shown how incompetent they are and how regardless of how much they try to destroy the country, they are bound to fail.

Just enjoy the fact that there are barely any Americans in Cuba. It?s a beautiful, safe country, with friendly people and the fact that there are no loud mouth Americans makes it as close to paradise as it gets. When this ?free from obnoxious Americans? era ends, Cuba will be no different from Mexico, Dominican Republic or *insert name of a random tropical country here*

Cuba rocks!

Because the US government doesn't like the Cuban, I can't remember why exactly but I think it has to do with trading, Fidel Castro, communism and/or the soviet union (they put nukes on cuba aimed at the US - this was in the 60's). When I went to Cuba they said Americans can get fine $10,000 for going there.

The US government doesn't have a problem with putting a torture prison in Cuba though (Guantanamo), yet it won't let it's citizens go on holiday there or companies trade with Cuban companies. They get around it though, you can go to Canada or Mexico then Cuba.

The big bad bogey man, communism, lives there and it is not all that far from the U.S. where they think that communism is infectious. They are not permitted to trade with Cuba or to purchase Cuban goods...although many wealthy Americans find that they can not do without Cuban cigars, but of course the law does not apply to the wealthy.

Finger Lickin' Good
It's crazy that you asked this because my teacher was telling us about how Cuba doesn't like America and were so close to each other, and Americans can't go over to Cuba.

He said the reason was because the President of Cuba has a whole bunch of oil over there that they refuse to share with the Americans, and you know how Americans love their oil.

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