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About how much do spa services cost on carnival cruises?

As in massages, facials, etc...

Also, are there any charges for the excercise sessions/gym usage?

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The costs are about the same as a nice spa in your home town. The Swedish massage is about $120.00, the hot stone massage is about the same. The only time you may get a little break int he price is if it is a shore day. The yoga and spinning classes are extra, but the gym and steam room is free. Theywill have a spa menu on once you put in your booking number and pre register.


I am 99% sure that there are no charges for gym/exercise. Plus there should be a track on the top deck.
I would check online - about prices for the spa. My friend got a perm on one of them, and it seemed like it was just a little more than at a salon around us.

It is free to use the gym but if you want a personal trainer or advise then that will cost you. That price depends on the trainer though.
There are various spa services offered onboard. Please visit the spa onboard for more information or to make a reservation. Note that prices are subject to change and may vary slightly from ship to ship; services may not be available at all times on all ships. Appointments are made on a first come first serve basis onboard.

** Please check for availability of these services on your cruise.

Face Rituals
Elemis Aromapure Facial
Elemis Aromapure Time for Men Facial
La Therapie Back Treatment
La Therapie Hydralift Facial
La Therapie Intensif Vitamin Anti-Oxidant Treatment (add only to the Hydralift Facial) **
La Therapie Intensif Age Zone Treatment **

Add any 2 treatments below to the Hydralift Facial
Hydra Lip Intensif ,Intensif Eye Treatment, Hydra Neck Intensif, Hydra Peel Hand

Treatment Body Rituals

Well Being Back Massage (25 minutes)
Well Being Massage (50 minutes)
Swedish Massage (25 minutes)
Swedish Massage (50 minutes)

Elemis Absolute Face and Body Treatment
Couples Massage
The Spa Taster
Reflexology **
Japanese Shiatsu Body Massage **
Deep Tissue Sports Therapy Massage **
Body Glisten Granule Rub with Back Massage
Body Glisten Granule Rub with Well Being Massage
Elemis Total Glow Tanning Treatment
Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy **
Deck Massage in chair (15 minutes)
Deck Massage on table (25 minutes)
Sun Bed (x 1 treatment) **
Sun bed (x 3 treatments) **

Aromaspa Ocean Wrap **
Aromaspa Ocean - Wrap and Well Being Massage
Aromaspa Ocean - Wrap and Well Being Back Massage
Ionithermie Algae Detox
Ionithermie Algae Detox (course of 3)

Float (add) **
Personal Training (1 hour)
Personal Training (course of 3)
Pilate's Training (1 hour) **

Zone Diet Training (1 hour) **
Body Composition Analysis
Pilate's Class
Yoga Class
Kick Boxing Class
Cycling Class
Chakra Balancing Capsule (25 minutes)**
Chakra Balancing Capsule (50 minutes) **

Water Rituals
Bathing Ritual **

For further information visit

You could also call Carnival and the agent could email you a price list but do remember prices are subject to change.

cazza h
Go onto their website,you can down load a price list xx they shouldn't charge for the use of the gym that should be in with the price of your cruise

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