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Are there any boats to Europe from the United States?

That are NOT cruises?

And if not, can you book a cruise and just not get back on the boat once in Europe? I want to visit London/France/Spain but I hate flying. Can I book a cruise there and a separate cruise back? THANKS!!

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TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
Yes you can book cruises both ways. If you want a cruise ship to Europe from the US you should contact Cunard Cruise line as they have cruises leaving from NY City just about every 2 weeks; and return trips from England about every two weeks also.


Then if you want another type "boat" travel you may want to look at a freighter cruise. If you want a freighter, here are some links to get you started.

there are also transitioning cruises once or twice a year that do exactly that. talk to a good travel agent.. they can help you.

i used to have neighbors who didn't liek flying and they would take a boat to england every couple of years. they would leave out of NYC port and i think the trip to just get to europe was 3 weeks. personally-take a sedative and get on the plane and face your fears!

Time travler
First you said a boat that is not a cruise then you asked about a cruise to Europe, so I'm not sure what you want, but several cruise ships leave from mostly NYC to England as a one way cruise. Check out Princess and Cunard cruise lines for info. Also I know you can get on a frieghter but have no info on that.

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