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Are there jails on Cruise ships?

i know this is a weird question but godforbid, if there was someone on a cruise ship who was acting crazy where do they put them??? is there a jail or another place??

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Cruise ships have the ability to temporarily detain passengers who are exceptionally unruly or disruptive, but those folks typically aren't kept on board for very long. They are almost if not always turned over to local authorities at the next port of call.

Such passengers forfeit their cruise fare, may be held responsible for their own transit home, and may also face civil and criminal penalties for their actions.

yes, cruise ships have holding cells.

Duane T
When I was on a ship tour (Disney's Cruise Ship "Magic"), a young kid asked the tour guide that question. The tour guide did not call it a brig or jail, but noted that they have planned for contingencies including multipurpose isolation rooms.

We had to go through X-Ray screenings of all bags and a metal detector when we board or re-board the ship.

When the same small kid asked if they had guns to repel "pirates", the tour guide said that security and safety of the ship is everyone's concern, but no the crew did not carry firearms to repel "pirates"....he never answered if they had firearms stowed away someplace....intersting question by kids.

I find your question very intresting, thank you.

indeed they do.

they have small holding cell or cells just in case someone needs to be restrained.

There are brigs, yes. They have rooms they can lock people in.

Not to worry!

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