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gloria b good

Can a person with a felony coviction go on a carribian cruise?

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depends on the felony. if you just got outta jail
like a week ago, then i hghly doubt it.

NO, look to get a pardon, if not dont book your trip.

Are you a US citizen? Do you have a passport? Are you presently in prison? Are you on probation? Do you have a probation officer you must periodically report to? Ask your probation officer or cell mate.

Julie T
The cruise line does not run a criminal history on guest.

However, it is the terms of your probation/parole that you should be concerned about.

Check with your PO since you would be leaving the country.

My nephew was in the same situation last year. He got approval from his PO to go after several members of our party provided notarized statements that we would ensure his return to the States. He had to call his PO the day we left and the day we returned.

depends on conviction yes you can as long as the court case is over and they have not remanded you to a court date and even if they did that you can go as long as you back for court

Sweet Mamacita
I keep saying this over and over in this forum, when you have a felony conviction you cannot leave the United States. You cannot even travel to Canada which is just a bridge away. So the answer is no, no, and no. A felony conviction is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Whomever it is, will always be stuck here, if the felony conviction was in the U.S.

i guess but you might not be able eto get off the boat

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