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Tony Danza

Can you watch live TV on a cruise ship at sea?

Never been on a cruise... someone asked me to go on one over SuperBowl weekend. I want to make sure I'd be able to watch the Big Game.

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Today, almost every cruise ship has some form of satellite TV; however, if this is very important to you, you should call the line.

Some of the newer Carnival and Princess ships have the jumbotrons on the pool decks. They often will show Sunday or Monday night football on the big screen and provide popcorn.

But, across lines TV is often hot-and-miss. Many lines may not carry the normal four US networks in the cabins, although some may make special arrangements to show big games like the Super Bowl in a sports bar on board.

Be particularly wary of foreign lines like Costa which operate their ships in Europe much of the year. I've been told that their sat receivers cannot be fully redirected to western satellites when they move to the caribbean. TV on their ships is abyssimal....

there's probably a sports bar on the ship in which they would show the superbowl. I would however call the cruiseline in question and ask them specifically.
there s a great site to find out more info

have a raucus time.

You will not be able to watch the game in your cabin, but you will be able to watch it at the Sports Bar on the ship. The cabin TV's are limited to only a few stations - nothing worth while.

Zef H
Yes, the cruise ships get a satellite feed which you can watch in your cabin. Major games, such as the Super Bowl, will be shown on one of the big screens in the sports bar.

gun guy 762
probably if they have sat communications

TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
Yes, there is a TV in every cabin and the newer ships have flat panel High Dev TV's. There is also a sports bar where you are more likely to be able to get the big games like the superbowl. I was on a cruise one Superbowl week and it was on several TV around the wall in the sports bar.

While the TV's in the cabins are nice sometimes they do not always have ESPN or the channels that major sports are on. SO ifs an important game event to you head for the sports bar.

Lucky Luciano
the question should be "What CAN'T you do on a cruise ship at sea?"

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