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Captain's Dinner Dress?

How fancy is the dress for the captain's dinner on cruises?

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Dave Holman
It varies from line to line, but most Cruise lines these days are pretty lax in enforcing a dress code, and most only call for a dark suit or sports coat for men and dress/skirt/pants suit for women.

While some still prefer to go all out in Tuxes and Gowns, it's not really necessary, and you won't feel out of place if you go the "semi-formal" route.

Well most men wear suits, while others don't. It really depends on your sense of style. You wouldn't want to dress casual, but at the same time, you don't have to go all out.
It crosses the line of semi formal to formal. A nice shirt and dressly pants is nice to wear as well.
For my oppinion, I say try to dress pretty nice because the better you dress, the better your pictures will come out.

Hope this helps && have fun at ur cruise!

Across the River Bend
Last time I was on one it was between semi-formal and formal, but leaning towards semi... Does that make sense?

Nikki (: ♥
You could wear something as casual as a sundress or as fancy as a cocktail dress. People normally dress in that range. Some people don't like dressing up, while others love it. You don't have to go all crazy, but they do want you to look decent. Men normally wear suits, some even wear a tux but you really don't have to go that far, about 90% of the men wear suits.

hope this helps!

I wore a simple sun dress to the captains party. However, there were people there in formals, cocktail dresses, tuxes, suits/ties, polo's and khaki's, and even wedding dresses. It all depends on how elaborate you want to dress up. But definitely don't want to go to casual.

little miss tiny =]
i wore a prom dress.
but i'm 17 years old lol.
i saw the adults wearing suits and cocktail dresses.
i'd go with a coat and tie.

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