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Chrissy S

Caribbean Cruise Line free tickets?

I just recieved a free ticket for two on a cruise from Caribbean Cruise Line. Anyone else get one? It actually looks and sounds legit.

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Dee Dee
I just recieved free caribbean cruise tickets also. I called the number on the voucher and knew they were pulling my leg. They hyped me all up and at the end asked for a down payment of $600. So yeah I surprised them too and hung up the phone!

From who? This is probably a scam. If the ask for any money to pay for taxes or port charges or plane tickets, DON'T send it.

Caribbean Cruise lines does not just hand out free tickets. Neither does Princess, Carnival, Celebrity, or any other of the main cruise lines. So, I would be very suspicious of the ones you got.

I received one of those and googled it and there was a dateline investigation on it. The ship itself was dumpy and old. The room was so small it was like sleeping in a closet. The only fun they had was paying for a hotel in the Bahamas that wasnt included in the cruise.
It may also be a timeshare thing. You may be obligated to attend a 90 minute session for your "free" cruise, which isn't free. They will make you pay port charges, taxes, etc.
Nothing in this world is free, especially now and days.
I'm sorry to burst your bubble...
I dont want you to get your hopes up like I did when I got the same postcard in the mail...

Is it for the "Bahamas Celebration" ship? If so, it's "legit" in that the fare itself is "free", but you'll pay for lots of other stuff. And the ship itself is supposedly a dump. It's a converted ferry. Do a search on that topic [Bahamas Celebration cruise or somesuch] and you'll get more info.

bored brunette
Sorry, I would be skeptical...
In fact, if it only says Caribbean Cruise Line it sounds as if someone is trying to pull a sneaky and make people think of Royall Caribbean Cruise Line.
If it does indeed have Royal Caribbean written on it, and you just forgot that part on here, it's easy enough to call the cruise-line and ask what the deal is.

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