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Do Permanent Resident of US need passport for cruise to Bahamas?

My friend is green card holder, and we booked the cruise to Bahamas this Friday. But since delay of his passport issue, he hasn't received his passport yet, and the cruise doesn't want to refund any money, but it leads us to check if he really need a passport.

So my question is does he need passport to the Bahamas cruise if he present his Green Card? Since as I read that or, they didn't say much of Permanent resident. And I know the requirement for US citizen passport (Cruise) got postpond till Jan 2009. So anybody has some first hand experience? We are very worry.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you need to contact homeland security or your local passport office. Passports are for US Citizens of which your friend is not. A green card only allows him to work and live in the US. When re-entering the US they may require his passport from his country of origin, so it is important you check this out before you go. If he is a naturalized US citizen his naturalization documents will act as a birth certificate in which case you will only need a photo ID. (and the naturalization docs)

Call the cruise line directly with this question- they have the ability to deny boarding for any reason.

He only needs his greencard. I suggest that u can call Homeland security at 1 800 375 5283 they will be able to reassure u. Good luck.

michael o
you need a gov. approved photo ID, and a original Birth certificate. this will substitute for a passport on land and sea travel. it WILL NOT work for air travel

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