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Do any cruise ships offer free wireless internet in your room?

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TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
Most cruise lines now have an internet cafe on ship and some offer WiFi either in the cabin or at certain locations around the ship. None that I have seen have been free and in most cases you pay BIG buck for any type internet service on ship, and I mean like $50 to $60 an hour.

If you need or want to get on line during your cruise I suggest that you do it at port stops. I have seen internet cafes in many many ports all over and they rates are generally in the range of $5 to $10 an hour, mostly $5/6 an hour. And the places where you can get on line are usually right on or near the pier.

They all have internet cafe's - and you do pay for the service. The only free internet use are in the Owners Suites or Grand Suites.

I don't think so, there is very little for free on any cruise ship.
Maybe if you have the very expensive owners suite on one of the newest ships, however most cruise ships have wireless hot-spot areas around the ship.
Try asking on one of the cruising forums, if one of the companies offers free wireless Internet, it will be on the forum.

Mildred S
yes , the offer it but i know of none that give for free. you are best to use itnernet cafe in the port. ask crew where they go.
they know the best places/closest and cheapest.

bigger question ... is why oh why ... would you need internet from your room ?

Like most things on board they are going to charge you for it and they charge a lot. Its just another money maker as far as the cruise lines are concerned. Access is usually through the communications purser but in room computers and wireless connections are rapidly coming avaiable. They still charge for air time. After all, if you want to be on line on the ship its your only choice! .

no, most ships have one or two places that offer Wi-Fi access, however you buy the access thru the cruise line so, Its not FREE.

sorry, cruiselines see this as an easy way to make more money off of you. They will charge you a hefty connection fee as well as a heftier per minute charge. It is probably easier and cheaper to go to the library and sign online there for a few minutes....but no cruiseline offers it for free

I went on a cruise in May. It cost $2.90 per minute. I was told by my wireless carrier that the cruise ship has its own tower, which is why the minutes are so high.

Indiana Jones
They charge for everything.
So try to get a cheap cruise, that way when you get the bill for extras at the end you will not mind as much.

This website has cruises starting at $159:

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