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Do you have to pay for a cruise all at once?

can you make payments on a cruise? or do you have to pay for it all at once?

Carnival is my cruise line that i want

and if you know anything about scrapbooking cruises... let me know

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depends on when you book it. they must be paid in full 90 days out,so if you book withint hat time period, you must fork it allover at once. otherwise, you must pay a minimum reservation fee( varies by cruiseline and even category of cabin) and then you can make payments
I have a cruise in September of 2009, and I have been paying on it for several months now. It will be paid off long before the cruise actually happens.

If you book more than 90 days before the cruise, with a TA or a travel website or even the cruise line website, you only have to pay 10% as a deposit and the balance around 6 weeks before the cruise date..
Less than 90 days you have to pay in full.
If you book through a High Street Travel Agent, you can pay the deposit and maybe be able to pay the outstanding amount in instalments. Most travel agents are very accommodating, they are desperate for your business. When you are booking, ask if you can make payments, if they refuse, go somewhere else.

Here's a link to comments about scrapbooking cruises.;_ylt=AnXnaC9JRaMBIIRBsX0g7apIBgx.;_ylv=3?ps=1&p=scrapbooking+cruises&pn=&scope=&mc=&fltr=_en&tab=0&asktime=&st=1

Hope this helps.

Carattini R
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You've got good answers so far. As long as you pre-pay with the required amount (might be 10%) then you can pay as you get the money. As long as its done within the 90 days. So it is a great thing if you can book a cruise way in advance, gives you time to pay for it.

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