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Does it get cold on a cruise?

Does it get cold on a cruise while the ship is at sea? (Specifically around the caribbean area)

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yeah, it can get a little chilly. It depends on the time of year....

I took a cruise and it was about 15 degrees cooler at sea than it was on the island

Well, if your going in the summer then probably not too often. But I always bring around two "chilly" outfits. I also bring two or three jackets too. It always could rain, and cloudy days do make it pretty cold. When we went to Hawaii we thought it was going to be super warm, and it was pretty chilly on a few days, so we had to go shopping for sweatshirts. Also when up on the decks, it can get awfully windy and cold. At night when doing activities on decks it is also pretty cold.

It can be "chilly" on deck, especially at night and when the ship is moving, of course.

I've found that the only problem with cold temps is inside the ship. It's often quite cool in the various venues due to over-use of air conditioning.

James B
yeah it can get a bit fresh - mainly the sea breeze .. or sometimes that sea breeze will turn into a very strong wind!

as the ocean temperature is about 80 it won't be very cool.

Nickname Collector☮
It depends on the weather and exactly where your going.
During the day, if its nice, it will be warm.
However, if it's a cloudier day, it might be chilly.
Hope it helps!

heyy im alohilani!
im 15& have been on 12 rccl cruises
i have went to the caribbean
depending on the weather in
the middle of the ocean and what
time of the year it can be chilly
at night time it's usually chilly

hope this helps
-alohi !!

any questions?
please email me

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