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Has anyone been caught sneaking alcohol onto a cruise ship (Royal Caribbean)?

What happens if you are the unlucky one and actually got caught sneaking alcohol on a cruise ship (please mention which company caught you)? i know they say they will not let aboard and without refund, but will they really do this? i mean cmon, thats not good customer service

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I took a cruise on Carnival (not Royal Caribbean, they have the same policy though) once and someone did get caught with alcohol while trying to board the ship. The were not allowed to board. This created a whole scene and I was actually embarrassed for them. I wouldn't bring alcohol with me on the ship. Its a good idea to set aside some money just for drinking because it can get expensive. We spent well over $300 for a 7 night cruise just on drinks, but we planned for that.

Our bags were x-rayed before we boarded the ship.

You can purchase alcohol during your cruise on the ship and in ports to bring home. The liquor is really really cheap. You don't get to have it in your room but you get it at the end of the cruise.

Don't bring it with you, its just not worth it. Would you rather lose thousands because you weren't allowed to board because you tried to sneak alcohol on the ship? Or would you rather put a couple hundred away to pay for their drinks?

Mindy O
i have done it many times only once has any1 i kno ever been caught. we were on a carnival cruise and a boy i was with who was 18 at the time we got off at an island and he bought vodka which he did legally cause you can drink legally at 18 in the bahamas but when we tried to board the just took it from him and got his name and cabin # and said that customs would talk to him when we got to the U.S. but he said they never said or did anything.

from my experiences with cruising, alcohol is easy to get on a ship.

i've been on princess, norwegian, and carnival

from personal experience, bringing alcohol onboard without allowing them to keep it for you (theres a checkpoint and they take it until the last day when its delivered to your cabin) is easy as pie

now i'm 21, but when i did this it wasn't

on the carib islands, getting alcohol if you're a teen is easy, and then once you get on the boat, you have to go through a metal detector, i snuck alcohol on in two ways

either pouring it into a water bottle lol which goes thru metal detectors, and what also works is just walking through the metal detector with the bottle in a towel, apparantly the little aluminum cap isnt enough to trigger it, worked for me lol

and i'm almost positive the people working the metal detector are being trained to look for weapons and dangerous items only... not alcohol

never heard of anyone being actually left on the island, actually i'm sure that's never happened, people only get left for extreme violations, such as fighting, or something else, i'm sure the most they would do to you is confiscate it, or not let you on UNTIL you give up the alcohol

You are right, I have seen people get caught under both Norwegian and Royal Caribbean. In both cases the person fained ignorance of the rules as was told that they bottles would be kept for them until they departed the cruise. No other penalty.

By the way, I liked Royal Caribbean much better than the Norwegian trip.

Kevin L
Well in a way it's actually good customer service. In the cruise contract it states that you cannot bring alcohol onboard. It is pretty plainly stated. So all they are doing is enforcing the rules.

I mean how would you feel if you are a passenger who follows the rules and does not bring alcohol and then some schmuck next to you brings alcohol and they don't take it away or deny boarding?

Why is it bad customer service that they are enforcing their policies? If you don't like the policy don't sail with them.

But aside from that is it really worth trying to sneak on your own alcohol to save a few bucks? Especially considering what the ramifications could be?

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