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jessy r

How old do you have to be to drink alcohol on open waters on a cruise Ship.?

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TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
The legal drink age on all cruise ships is age 21 and it does not change when you are in international waters or are docked in a foreign port. Its still age 21 and older. And all of the cruise lines DO enforce it. The only exception to this is if you cruise from a European or South American port with your parents, they can sign a waiver for you to have beer and wine. Otherwise always no.

BUT, when you get to other ports in the Caribbean and/or Mexico AND GET OFF THE SHIP you can drink all you want in the clubs, bars and restaurants because the drinking age in most places is age 18 and older. But then you cannot bring alcohol back on board the ship either as it will be confiscated by the cruise line.

You have to be 21 to drink alcohol and gamble, even though it is in international waters.

If you dock in a port where drinking is aloud under the age of 21, you are welcome to help yourself.

If you take an international cruise line departing from another destination other than the US, the cruise line is assuming you are a resident of that country and therefore may inforce 18+ drinking and gambling laws.

The general rule is, where you board the ship is what laws the ship will follow while your on board. Think of the ship as a little traveling piece of the country it departs from.

Kristina L
It depends on the policy of the cruise line. All major cruiselines that sail out of the US require passengers to be 21 to consume alcohol. At some of the ports you can be 18, but you can't bring it back on the ship with you.

There are a handful of ships that allow alcohol at 18 and these are the very expensive exclusive fancy ships such as Fred. Olsen Cruise Line, GAP Adventures, Oceania and Regent Seven Seas

Also some ships (Azamara, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean) allow 18 if the ship is departing from specific European & South American countires and the parents sign a permission slip.

Carnival rules:

Drinking age: 21
Gambling age: 18

Ports, you can drink if you want depending on the island rules.

I just got back from a cruise and on the Norwegian Gem they have signs on the bars that say you can be 18+ with parent's consent to drink....'re on the seas...nobody is going to bust you/them for having a beer.

The drinking age is the same as the age where the ship departed from. This is the same with any other age related activities, such as gambling.

21. Sorry

it depends where the cruise ship is based.
For instance im 18 and i went on an american ship based in america in january and i couldnt drink,
but because the legal drinking age in australia is 18, when i went on an australian based cruise ship i could, no matter where it sailed too.
So in short it doesnt matter where the boat currently is situated, just depends where it is based.

Lauren J
Legally - 21
My niece who was 14 at the time, although she looks much older, was able to get drinks at anytime because the cruise ship did not card. All they had to do was charge to the room. Some people would card her, some would not.

Although the ships are usually registered in non-US countries like the Bahamas, they leave US ports and abide by US laws.

Airlines are the same.

You might be on a US airplane somewhere over the Atlantic or over Europe but they still abide by US law. I speak from experience.

King J
18. just normal

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