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Is there a place to leave my car when going on a cruise through Royal Caribbean?

My roommate and I are leaving from Miami for a 5 night cruise and plan on driving there. I've never been on a cruise before so I don't know how parking works. Help?

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TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only
I have driven to the Miami cruise port for cruises several times and parked right at the pier. The parking area has an open lot and also a multi-story parking garage. Where you park depends upon which cruise line you will be cruising on. Parking is rather expensive; No reservations are required to park at the Port of Miami. Long-term parking for a regular vehicle occupying a single space is $20 per day.

The way parking is set up they let you drop your luggage with the cruise ship porters and then you go park your car.

Here's a link to the port which provides all the info you'll need:

All cruise ports have parking, but sometimes, you can find a better deal several blocks from the terminal. Also, if you are staying overnight in Miami the night before your cruise, many hotels will let you leave your car there and provide transportation to and from the ship for a fee. You can communicate with other people going on your cruise. Go to and click on boards, joining is free, go down to Roll Calls and find your cruise line, then your ship, then go through the threads and find your sail date. You can then post your questions and it is a lot of fun. People that go on cruise critic prior to a cruise usually have a sail away meet and greet party. We all wear lei's so we know who's a cruise critic member.
Bon voyage!

The cruise terminals have parking, sometimes in a garage, and sometimes just a huge parking lot. If you want to know details about your parking, just join up at's free) and there you can ask any question you want about anything related to cruising from parking questions to shore excursions to $$$ on taxi rides.

Most cruise offer cruise terminals that cost money. also if your staying at a hotel some offer to keep your car at a lower cost then the cruise terminal. If you keep it at the hotel they should offer a shuttle to the ship.

Yes. Cruise terminals have large parking garages! Have fun!

ga kid
YEs but check to see if your hotel has a cruise package so you can just leave yor car there and not have to pay $15-$20 a day for parking

Lets cruise!
Parking at the Port of Miami is $20 per day(subject to change). The parking facilities in front of terminals B, C and 10 currently accept cash only.

Hope I helped!

Randall got my vote for best answer!

In San Diego it is easy to use public transportation, may want to check out Miami.

Enjoy the cruise....

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